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  1. Hi, I search for a lot of things on my Windows 7 computer by presing the window key and just typing what I am looking for. Most things will pop up in the quick search list including my OneNote notes that apply. Evernote however is missing from this list. I would really like it if there was the ability to have Evernote search results in the Windows 7 quick search box and when you clicked on a result it brings you into your Evernote application and has the correct note selected. This would really improve my productivity as I could do all my desktop searching from one place. Thanks
  2. Hi, I like to use tables a lot in my notes. I can't stand the way tables are implement in Evernote when compared to the smooth way that they are handled in OneNote. I would like to move all of my notes over to Evernote but until Evernote has better support for tables I just don't see myself doing this. Please add OneNote style tables as part of the note editing options! Thanks
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