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  1. Snippet View date "bug"? If the date of a note is today's or yesterday's in snippet view it shows in short date format; however in list and thumbnail view it show in the format of "Today, time" OR "Yesterday, time". This seems like a bug or at least an inconsistency, and I for one hope EN will fix it. Thanks.
  2. It's a no-brainer for Evernote to following the changes in the style of the UI of the OS. Whether you like this new Lion style or not, it makes good sense for Evernote to adopt it. Most reviewers also give points for this. However, I hope this doesn't end up being the primary focus of this next update.
  3. In statistics this is called sampling. If say 20 people on this forum complain about something and that represents say 10% of current forum users (the sample), then you should conclude that this sample of 10% represents a similar percent of people in the total "population" of Evernote users who will feel the same. Obviously you can modify this somewhat based on your assumptions (like your assumption that people are more likely to complain on these forums.). You should not however, confuse this forum sample with the absolute number of people who feel that way. Sorry if that sounded too preachy.
  4. Could you please add back the previous date format when the note date is today or yesterday: Today [time] and Yesterday [time] of Mixed View. Enjoying the other updates in version 2.2.1. I think the linked notes will be especially useful. I used and liked mixed view and am hoping that its replacement, snippet view, will grow on me. So far I find the snippet view a little busy and the other two views don't work for me. Thanks.
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