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  1. In general, that's not right; there are more and more apps that run without problems from sd. If I understand right, EN isn't such an app?
  2. I'm very astonished that there is a limit for the number of notebooks. This should be dropped at all (at least for pro customers).
  3. Well, nesting tags is a different thing, because tags don't remember their upper level tag. So you can't have "foobar" inside "foo" and "bar".
  4. I'm not sure about this "extra step" thing. When you print to PDF, have to select the folder to store the file, and click on OK, this is indeed an extra step. Try the excellent and free PDFCreator (http://www.pdfforge.org/) and set it up so that it saves automatically in a predefined folder (which can be configured as an import folder in EN). You can even specify which "action" should be started after printing (which can be EN with the printed file as a parameter). Using this technique, you can create a completely automated "print to Evernote".
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