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  1. Has ANYONE fixed the printing yet???? Been asking for years...when printing direct from evernote, margins, etc.. are all off...never centered, graphics missing and/or backgrounds from documents, etc...please look into it...and please add a "Scan To Evernote"....thanks. Again...this is in Evernote...not print drivers, etc....I've tried on 8 different friends / family pc's...Thx.
  2. EVER-TERRIBLE...AGAIN...GEEZ.... It's bad enough that things were "STRIPPED"....just to show how smart the programmers are???? Atlas?, Tag Page?...etc., and nerds need not attack. This is just a rant to get a good program better, but it keeps getting knocked down, and then the regular cheerleaders come and blow up the heads of the team, letting them think they are moving right along. I have been using EN for years, and rarely, if ever complain, but reading other folks who complain about similar features, fixes, and more, seems to be ignored, unless the NEEDED updates that are requested are behind the scenes. PAY ATTENTION TO THE INTERFACE!!!! >Printing? - Super thick borders on pages at print time (especially lousy when trying to print pdf's), can't adjust or remove, etc...so printing an ORIGINAL document is nearly impossible at it's ORIGINAL SIZE???...hasn't been fixed yet...geez. No DEFAULT Printer setting...keep having to choose??? A user should not have to open up different programs and print outside of EN?! This is EN specific...not a result of scanning or the wrong printer settings, etc. Background graphics in notes or webclippings not working either. What's the use of scanning and importing to later print if you can't print the original document as shown? EN desktop seems to put the white background of the note window in the item being printed, instead of just printing the document only...making the document either resize smaller to fit in excess white borders, docs shift to left side, etc., leaving nearly two inches of "white space" on the right side of documents to be printed. Whether it's a pdf, a pic, or an imported document, note, etc...it happens all the time and never fixed. I emailed years ago about it and it was never fixed. Very frustrating. PLZzzzz Fix! >Interface? - Super white, everywhere. No color/shade/skin options...no icons for notebooks, nothing. Win10 apps are bad enough, this is a let down...at LEAST a dark or dark grey option...come on?! >Encryption? - Can't encrypt a notebook?...right click encrypt?, I'm scared to use this in public for documents that have sensitive info, anybody can be looking over your shoulders...at least to encrypt some notebooks and leave others open, etc. No internal security at all. >Notebook Name under Note Title - what happened? Can't tell the titles from tags now, with the "blue" background. The Notebook Names should be of different color background or at least bold font by default.... I'm sure somebody will try to break down why I'm wrong, etc..but I don't care. These are just a tidbit of reasonable improvements IMO, that should have been "done". but the printing is really frustrating....yes, some folks, especially in the legal business, may need a hard copy or printout of a document, etc. These are some items that needs to be addressed asap...not counting the ones mentioned in the posts above. PLEASE fix the printing at least! If you can't or won't add encryption, at least add a password feature to the windows desktop version, like android. The notetaking session, at least for the windows desktop version, should have more word proccessing features, functions and appearance, especially when the note is open. Thx *If any of you folks can tell me how to get EN to print properly, (original document size), without all of the excess border space, and shrinking of the document on the page to accommodate the excess space, I'd appreciate it. Thanks a lot.
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