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  1. Has ANYONE fixed the printing yet???? Been asking for years...when printing direct from evernote, margins, etc.. are all off...never centered, graphics missing and/or backgrounds from documents, etc...please look into it...and please add a "Scan To Evernote"....thanks. Again...this is in Evernote...not print drivers, etc....I've tried on 8 different friends / family pc's...Thx.
  2. EVER-TERRIBLE...AGAIN...GEEZ.... It's bad enough that things were "STRIPPED"....just to show how smart the programmers are???? Atlas?, Tag Page?...etc., and nerds need not attack. This is just a rant to get a good program better, but it keeps getting knocked down, and then the regular cheerleaders come and blow up the heads of the team, letting them think they are moving right along. I have been using EN for years, and rarely, if ever complain, but reading other folks who complain about similar features, fixes, and more, seems to be ignored, unless the NEEDED updates that are requested
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