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  1. Can you leave the link to the beta somewhere prominent on this forum so we can go back to it if something is awry with the market release?
  2. CORRECTION: NOW THE IMAGES ARE SHOWING IN THE THUMBNAIL AND THE NOTE. I'm going crazy. When I looked at this a few minutes ago one image was showing. I emailed the note to myself in prep for sending it to you. When I looked at the email everything showed up. I then looked in the note and everything was there. Is it possible that it takes a long time for images to download from the cloud?
  3. I have downloaded the most current beta and have tried to 'add to evernote' from IE 8.0....still no images in the note on the Droid. The images appear in the Windows version of evernote and the web version but not on the Droid. That's where I need them. Advice?
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