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  1. Robert - I have this exact same issue. To be sure mine was just with my Swiftkey keyboard I tested the Samsung keyboard this morning and get the same behavior you do.
  2. Apologies - I should have mentioned I already performed a reboot. I'll attempt and uninstall/reinstall if and when I get time albeit that should never be the preferred solution :-) UPDATE: As much as I am not a fan of uninstall/reinstall - I did it today and now my note links work just fine :-)
  3. My upgrade to version Prerelease went very smoothly with one exception that I noticed today: Note links no longer work. The menu still exists but when I copy a note link all it does is copy the text and does not create an actual link back to the note.
  4. I also would like the option to not have the saved searches show up in my shortcuts. I have created 4 new searches that I need based on my daily workflow (because I can't wait for the hot fix) and cannot figure out to stop them from showing on in my shortcuts. Maybe that will be part of the new hotfix?
  5. I too have the same issues with searches. I have 2 or 3 that I use daily and cannot seem to be able to find them in the new version. I do like the look of the new version but we need to get the saved searches back ASAP.
  6. All, After several communications with Evernote Support and an attempt to have me delete some specific files in my Evernote install folder, I decided to try for the 3rd time to completely uninstall and re install Evernote with a full sync to Windows from the Evernote server. I have no idea why but the third time was the charm. Previous attempts were the same with no luck but this time worked. Evernote is now as speedy as it ever was! Fingers crossed this stays the same.
  7. Just an update from me. I have upgraded to the latest public version, optimized my database 3 times, fixed all notes and fixed all resources. Please keep in mind I had previously already uninstalled, completely deleted and re-installed and re-synced. Same issues are prevalent: Takes 2-5 minutes to start up and to create a new notebook. Sync works fine and creating notes works fine. However, these lags have done me in. I create and delete notebooks frequently. I am, as others have noted, heavily invested in Evernote as well. However, I have tested One Note over the last few days and being a Microsoft Office & Windows user, it may just do the trick. I've tested on Android and iOS as well. I do not like the interface as well but the functionality works for me. I'm going to give it a couple more weeks in the hope that support can fix my case and this general Windows performance issue. If not, I will be making a switch until it gets resolved. I am only waiting two weeks because work is very busy now and I just don't have the time to convert but I will in two weeks. Here's hoping for a fix very soon. Thanks to the community for all the great suggestions. It's unfortunate none of them have panned out.
  8. I supposed I can try the uninstall | delete everything and re install process again. I'm not hopeful it will solve my issue but my Evernote for Windows performance is getting slower by the day and I'm out of options. I will advise once I carve out some time and actually do this.
  9. I did an audit this morning and all of my Windows notes are also on web with the exception of one local notebook (which needs to stay local) and one notebook that I'm linked to from another source for which I only have read access. So i have a valid 13 note discrepancy. Additionally, my Android tablet and phone Evernote performance is excellent and I have no issues with either of those. I do appreciate the tip on reviewing the log file. I sent my activity log to support several times in this course of this but they have not come back with anything. When I checked my log file this morning, I found this error:" "Could not delete note 66627 tags, error: LINK_ATTR_NOT_FOUND". I found several records like this where the "66627" is replaced a variety of other numbers, 11 different occurrences to be exact. Does anyone know what this could mean?
  10. Hey Evernote Community, I wanted to outline some similar "not responding issues" I have been having on Evernote for Windows for over 1.5 months. I am running Windows 7 64-bit SP1 and Evernote version (272351) Pre release. I have 1450 notes and 13 notebooks. I have hesitated to upgrade to the latest public version because I've done that twice since my issues started but the performance issues continued. Issues 1. Evernote takes over 4 minutes to start every time I reboot my PC and then restart Evernote. 2. Evernote takes over 3 minutes for me to create a new notebook. 3. Evernote takes over 5 minutes when I change user accounts (i only have two). Troubleshooting already completed 1. Uninstalled and re-installed Evernote 2. Uninstalled Evernote completely and re-downloaded the entire database from Evernote servers. 2. Turned off Outlook add-in. 3. Optimized the database using instructions from support. 4. Changed the Evernote performance setting in Windows Task Manager to "high" 5. Logged a ticket with support who is still looking into my issue. Support has had my case for roughly two weeks. Question 1. Where does this leave me? I believe it means I have a corrupt note or some sort but have no clue how to diagnose that without spending hours of life trying to pinpoint it. Does anyone have other suggestions I should try? It's become enough of an issue that I am considering switching to another platform (until the issue gets resolved).
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