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  1. I don't understand the opposition by some people for Evernote to take on some mind mapping capabilities. I personally see mind mapping as yet another way to index pieces of information and is just a tool that allows people to define the interaction and relationship between various nuggets of info which seems to me to fit the evernote world very well. I like the ideas in evernote with notebooks and tags but honestly haven't you realized that notebooks and tags are basically 2 different ways to attempt to manage the same thing? We've all come up with some rules we use about putting things in
  2. Could you share some examples of what does work? and more importantly how to get these things to work? As of version 1.11 I can get even the most basic of text handling capabilities to work on the MAC - it still completely obliterates the tabs and linefeeds. Is there any reason that there can't just be a different note type that is text as opposed to html? Its disappointing to look at this thread that "this is a priority - blah, blah, blah" for going on two years and still just basic stuff doesn't seem to work.
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