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  1. I'm having the same problem. Sometimes annotate feels like working, other times it doesn't. I already switch over to another note to "save" and come back, but that's not working now. This morning it won't work with any method. I even tried annotate a copy and a new copy was made, but the annotate window never popped up. Tried 3-4 times already.
  2. Whew! I thought it was just me! Please reinstate this feature asap!
  3. Peter is correct--I found that out yesterday when I was trying to attach an image for this forum. As a png, the image was 905kb, too large for the 500kb limit. When I changed the screen clip to a jpeg, it was 355kb. Thanks for the tip about the control and (Win+PrtScn) tip!!! I've always done just a regular print screen and crop down the image within my email. Awesome!! When I dragged the outline of what I wanted to clip with my mouse and left button still held down, when you press shift the words "to desktop" show up next to the clip dimensions in pixels and when you press control, the words "to clipboard" show up. Cool!!
  4. Ummm...am I not seeing something on my iPad? How would I highlight?
  5. oops--I didn't press attach, just post. Image now attached
  6. Hi--I've encountered a bug a few times that I hope someone can help with. I have been scanning in magazine pages and sometimes I only want an article on part of the page. I right-click to open the image in windows photo gallery to crop it (and rotate, etc. if needed). It was discussed a bit here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/14258-resize-images-4103321/page__p__68773__hl__picture#entry68773 Usually I then close it and the new, cropped image goes into my note. However, I just did that and it crashed twice. The third time, it worked, but the image is distorted. (picture attached). Any ideas? Thanx. PS--I just saved the image in my note as a jpeg and it WASN'T distorted. I thought maybe I needed to close EN and re-open it. It still looks distorted in the note. Now what is attached is a screen clip of what I'm seeing
  7. oops--you're right. I posted in the wrong section. So, to recap, the pdf's in Evernote are ocr'd (as a premium user) and/or when imported via ScanSnap, but the search term won't be highlighted when found on the Windows platform. That stinks! I wonder if that will change? Until then, I guess I should scan in jpeg format.
  8. When I'm browsing on my iPad and want to copy info into Evernote, I just take a "snapshot" of the page (press the sleep/wake button and the home button at the same time). The beauty of this method is that you can zoom into just the area on the page you want to save, or zoom out and get the whole page. open Evernote, press "new note", press the photo icon on the top right (between the save button and microphone icon) choose "saved photos" (on mine, it's the top choice) touch the photo you want to insert and VOILA! It comes in as a jpeg and is immediately searchable
  9. Another question here re searching--I'm a premium user and scanned things in using ScanSnap s1500 using the "run ocr" feature upon scanning. Now all my scans are searchable, but the words aren't highlighted in the pdf. If I get 10 results, it's a real drag to figure out where the search term is found. Any ideas?
  10. Also, now that I'm doing more, ocr'd within SS, howcome the searched text isn't highlighted anymore. Is that only for searched jpeg's? Grr!
  11. Ok, now that I've scanned about 50 documents or so into EN, how will I know if they've been OCR'd? I'll do all my new ones with the ocr on within ScanSnap, but what do I do with the ones in EverNote already? They seem to meet all the criteria.
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