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  1. +1. Absolutely essential feature. Just please don't do it like in the new iPad version where selecting "Heading 1" just applies some predefined formatting to a piece of text, and there is no way to change the look of all the headings in all notes.
  2. Yep, I've seen that list, but there is no shortcut to switch between the list and the details. I thought maybe there is some undocumented one.
  3. Hey guys, Are there any keyboard shortcuts to switch from the note detail view to the notes list / tags list / notebooks list? And then a shortcut to switch back to the note? Thanks
  4. And my 0.02 — formatting really works in a terrible way. There are all sorts of weird effects here, and the text created on Mac can look significantly different when viewed on the iPad or in a browser. I'm not sure if it is possible to fix the way Webkit editor works, but maybe you can give an option to prohibit arbitrary formatting and limit the allowed styles to some very basic HTML constructs (paragraphs, headers, lists, emphasized text blocks, etc). It's simple and good enough for lots of cases and works identical on all platforms. Also guys there is an annoying bug with the list of notes in the mixed view: when notes are sorted by Date Updated and you switch from the current note to any note that is higher in the list then the app will actually open the wrong note, because it reorders the list before switching the note, placing the current one on top of the list and shifting all the other notes down.
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