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  1. I won't dispute that Evernote has grown since, uhh, 2009. But "registered users" is kind of a useless metric in the web and app world. How many of those people signed up and then left? How many were bots? (Evernote doesn't seem to attempt to restrict bot activity...they just require an email address and a password to create an account.) I'd be more interested in Daily Active Users. I also noticed this graph, while nearly 2 years old, also conveniently cuts off before the 2016 freemium changes/price increases that likely shed some of those users. In terms of this discussion, how much
  2. More than likely Evernote looks at this years-long issue, looks at the proportion of paying Android users, and decides we just aren't financially worth supporting. You see this limited thinking all the time in software companies. Meanwhile I steer everyone I know away from using Evernote because of the way they treat their customers. Personally, after nearly ten years I still use the product because of the (intentionally designed) high switching cost, and it mostly does the trick for me. But I certainly would never recommend a new user join the platform and am always looking for an alternative
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