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  1. Fantastic! I'll keep my fingers crossed that offline support is included.
  2. I definitely have this issue as well. It's possibly related to a problem related to the screen powering off while editing notes? I posted about that issue here: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=27653 - Mark
  3. The following seems to happen fairly consistently for me using Evernote on the Pre: [*:2txp5wsw] Create a new note [*:2txp5wsw] Do some editing on the new note [*:2txp5wsw] Let the screen turn off due to inactivity [*:2txp5wsw] Repeat previous two steps throughout course of a meeting [*:2txp5wsw] Save note [*:2txp5wsw] Evernote puts note into Pending Uploads and note just gets stuck there not syncing From here, the behavior and how to fix it seems to be a crapshoot, but consists of: [*:2txp5wsw] The note I created stays in Pending Uploads for a while and will sometimes sync out of the blue some time much later . [*:2txp5wsw] Other notes no longer load correctly (they just come up to a blank screen). This may just affect notes that were edited when the screen was turning on/off. Notes opened to a blank screen will often sync changes up to EN as well (e.g. I have a note edited on Pre while in the default notebook that was long ago moved to another notebook. Trying to edit the note on the Pre caused the note to move back to the default notebook). [*:2txp5wsw] Refreshing caches, phone reboots, restarting EN don't fix the problem. [*:2txp5wsw] The only way I can consistently fix the issue is to log out and log back in to EN on the Pre. Then EN works well until the screen powers off while editing again and the whole problem starts again. Hopefully this can be fixed. Thanks for the app! - Mark
  4. Yes, would love an Evernote app for TouchPad (with offline support). So I truly can capture, access and find things from anywhere. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the update! I've been considering moving to Evernote from OneNote for quite a while. The recent Livescribe integration pushed me closer. This will likely push me over the edge into Evernote land. I very much look forward to more updates. Thanks again, - Mark
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