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  1. Support finally replied to me after 6 days. They did allow me to redeem my points, but also said this: "Points are an older feature of Evernote that is no longer supported and their future is undecided." So if you have any points I'd recommend redeeming all of them ASAP.
  2. I'm having the same issue. Sent an e-mail to support-webform@evernote.com so hopefully they'll look into it. I guess I'd better redeem the remainder of my points ASAP since I get the sense that they're hoping to get rid of people who aren't currently giving them money (even though we previously earned/paid for the points that we have).
  3. Well, the fact remains that they deleted a whole thread critical of them in this case. They could have moved those posts out of the announcements forum and instead chose to purge them instead.
  4. They should have locked the post to begin with if they didn’t want replies. The fact that they left it there until this morning means that they’re not paying very close attention to these forums. (The posts I was referring to were replies to their announcement of support delays with no information on how they’re going to resolve them going forward. “We’re sorry” isn’t really good enough, they have to actually fix the problems. Hire more support engineers if you can’t answer tickets within 2 weeks. I’m sure plenty of people are looking for a remote IT job right now.)
  5. I assume this post will be promptly deleted as well but there was a long thread over the weekend in the Announcements forum discussing the failure of Evernote to provide timely support for their paying customers. They deleted all of the posts and locked the thread this morning, but a number of people made good points in that thread. Let’s continue that discussion here. If Evernote wants to retain their paying customers they have to do better. Taking weeks to reply to support tickets and then deleting posts when people are unhappy about it are no way to run a business. People can chat outside of forums that you control and if you continue to provide broken software and poor support you will lose your business eventually when a viable competitor comes along. You’ve just been lucky so far that none of your competition is good enough to peel off many customers. Note that I have nothing bad to say about the actual support engineers who are doing the best they can. The issue is with management being deaf to customers and not properly staffing the technical teams.
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