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  1. Other apps that use the same framework do not suffer from these issues. Check out VSCode. None of these issues. It's not the framework. It's the inefficient use of the framework.
  2. Re-Installed 10.8.5 this morning. It's midnight now. With a single window open in the foreground, completely idle, Evernote Helper is hovering between 43 - 60% of a core. It's consistently at the top of the %CPU list. If I open 2-3 notes, it'll consume 100% or more CPU. Between Evernote Helper(s) and Evernote, it's consuming ~2GB of RAM. Performance is horrendous, especially given there's no Evernote UI activity whatsoever. Between this and every other update causing notes to render blank, I think I'm done with EN after 15+ years. I've been a loyal paid user, but this is just unaccepta
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