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  1. I have the same problem and just kept having it yesterday. I have the recent beta but it's happened before this. I take a photo with either the camera on my iPhone or the Evernote app and then when I save it the photo turns sideways. I usually have to redo it a few times to get one that stays straight. I don't think you are understanding the problem Guru. We shouldn't need a third party app to get photos that stay straight. And with the beta, I now have several new photos that show in the thumbnail but don't show at all in the note. I thought this forum was for people using the beta software so I would expect the Evernote people to spend some time here. If they aren't here then there's no point in leaving any feedback.
  2. I have a problem with just printing pdf's as they come out so small you can't read them and the originals were standard, readable documents. I found that I have to click on the "eye" symbol in the pdf bar that is right on the document and open it in evernote's reader to print it the right size. I don't think this is acceptable and that it should automatically print according to the type of the document it is. There are a few printing choices this way, but in a document with embedded pdf's, you might have to print the pdf's separately (unacceptable!) or download the whole document to print it (also unacceptable). Hope you find an answer; it' really frustrating to feel you can't get your notes "out" when you need them.
  3. What happened to the "New iSight Note" icon in the last update? It's not among the choices for customizing the toolbar. I use that icon a lot (as well as photos on my phone).
  4. I use a Canon MX860. It's one of those multi-function wireless types. I have a flatbed scanner and multi-feed. With the multi-feed I can scan more than one page into a note in Evernote. I also have some one-click settings where I have one set to scan directly into Evernote. On my previous HP all-in-one, I was able to create a setting right on my printer/scanner to scan things into EN but I could only do one page at a time. This one has the custom setting on my computer but it works flawlessly. My only problem with the printer was the initial set-up. I have a mac and the instructions are more for pc and I had to find another person's detailed instruction online and then work it out from there >:| A newer model might have this problem solved. If I could afford it I'd get a Fujitsu ScanSnap for my desktop.
  5. I'd like to be able to put notes in more than one notebook. Most particularly, I have a lot of medical information that I keep in EN and some of it I need for emergencies along with some financial notes, etc. I'd like to be able to find the notes both in the "Medical" notebook and the "Emergency" notebook. (I have to be ready for hurricane season every year.) Also, I think it would be helpful if we could add "sticky notes" to note pages and/or be able to "write" with a pen tablet on a previously created note. This would be especially useful to me on pages I scan in (like prescriptions, financial, educational information). Thanks.
  6. Is this the best place to make suggestions? I'd like a way to be able to link two or three pages together like a thread in email or just merge them together end to end. Sometimes I need to scan or clip sections into EN like instructions that are longer than one page. It would seem more organized if I didn't have to label them page 1 of 2, 2 of 2...since it clutters up the index. Maybe this is a feature you could offer to premium users.
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