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  1. Here's my report on the current status for evernote for Windows version: I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit. --Virtualbox approach-- Virtualbox 4.0.4 with Windows XP as the guest OS Works pretty decently and fast. In rdesktop seamless mode it's almost indistinguishable from running in Windows. One big problem: it can't accept formatting from the guest copy+paste. This may be a limitation of virtualbox's guest additions, but it's a fairly important feature. Also, the systray icon won't work in seamless mode, or integrate into the gnome system tray in regular mode. --Wine approach-- Wine v
  2. The latest Evernote 4 seems to run better under Wine than it used to, but still rather slow. Actually, the biggest problem I have is that Evernote 4 under VirtualBox or Wine will not keep clipboard formatting when pasting in stuff (such as webpages). To clarify under VirtualBox, evernote of course will keep formatting when copied from another Windows application, but not from a linux one. Evernote 3 under Wine does keep clipboard formatting. This is the biggest thing that keeps me from upgrading to version 4 and why I'm still using version 3.
  3. The slower performance has finally gotten to me and I've abandoned 4 and gone back to version 3.1, which I still prefer to the open source alternative, but maybe I'll see if there's a way I can contribute to Wine to improve things. It's definitely performance issues with drawing the application (e.g. minimizing and restoring is annoying slow as well). I suspect it's more of a Wine issue with some of the UI elements that are being used in 4.0 versus 3.1. I also want to add that the 4.0 autoupdater works fine for me, so this isn't an issue for everyone.
  4. I don't believe DebugView works under Wine, but I think I can accomplish the same thing by setting WINEDEBUG=+relay, and then grepping the results for "Debug" to capture all of the OutputDebugString calls, just like DebugView. I've attached these results from using evernote for a minute or so, primarily clicking around and switching notebooks. I don't notice anything that particularly stands out -- my guess is it's some slowness in the ability of Wine to draw or update something. Slow things: switching notebooks, the menus (file, edit, view), loading a PDF preview of some PDFs (might lock th
  5. I too am really glad to see that 4.0 works with Linux under wine. I was concerned with 3.5 and was starting to consider trying to find other options. I've now installed Evernote in a separate wine prefix to test it for myself. I use wine 1.3.5. It looks good with all of the UI graphics displayed with proper transparency. However, it *is* sluggish. There is a noticeable lag switching between notebooks, clicking on menu buttons, and performing some, but not all actions
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