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  1. @Scott T. I use MacOS Big Sur 11.4 with Evernote 10.15.6. I rebooted several times for other reasons. I had the navigation both expanded and collapsed and the box just kept sticking around. Mine only left when I retook the tour for the new tasks feature.
  2. Indeed it was a stuck tour. I restarted it and finished it. Now the little box is gone. Yay! On my Mac it was Option Command 3 to restart. Thanks!
  3. I am having the same problem. Here's a screen shot of what mine is blocking (it blocks regardless of full-screen or not). I cannot use the search, access anything behind the box. I want to like it but really, I also want to be able to use Evernote. Hope someone can answer. Thanks. Evernote for Mac release 10.15.6
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