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  1. The Evernote synchronization with the Boogie Board Sync and my iOS device, for me, is not to my liking. What happens is I have to launch the Sync iOS app, then launch the Evernote iOS app, and the BB_XXXXXX.pdf files then go to my "default" Evernote notebook. I would prefer the BB_XXXXXX.pdf files to appear in a notebook of my choosing. Is this not yet possible?
  2. BurgersNFries - I have two RIPs that I may want to part with. ymatto - Great posts. Also, your attachments were quite helpful. Thank you for taking the time to create and share them. The "chunkiness" of the writing was something I did not care for with the RIP. It definitely worked fine for the purpose, but since i tend to write with some pressure, I think it caused an issue for the RIP.
  3. So...v1.0.7 downloaded directly from Skitch.com (outside the Mac App Store) weeks before the acquisition announcement should just integrate with Evernote? Please clarify.
  4. Care to suggest a quick test on my end so I can verify I have "Plus" features?
  5. Based on the Evernote acquisition news, I have a question as an existing Skitch user of the application. I have been using Skitch on Snow Leopard for some time. The application was obtained directly from your site, i.e. not installed via Mac App Store. Also, I have a free user account with Skitch.com. With the recent announcement, should I continue to use the application as-is, or will an upgrade be pushed out to current users or does a new install need to occur? Some clarity on this would be appreciated. Kurt
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