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  1. Was getting the error on my nexus one...today getting the same error on my new Asus transformer. So its either to do with my account or its because I am in the UK. Please help!
  2. Yep... getting this too, had it before the last update and now with the new one too. New notes do appear, bit the snippets aren't showing.
  3. Hi recently my Evernote install at work has stopped syncing... dropbox also doens't work so I'm guessing SSL connections for us have been fire walled or something. Anyway... instead of trying to explain myself I intend to stick the database on a USB stick and take it home to sync back up to the cloud. I'm sure this will work but I have two questions. 1) Will speed be significantly reduced using a flash drive (like a sandisk datacruzer) 2) also... I think they have banned the evernote.com domain... so will my EN client stop being the 'Premium' version I pay for? Any other work arounds are also welcome! I don't want to switch to OneNote And for the record I will be encrypting the flashdrive using truecrypt. Thanks!
  4. Could you be more specific? What are your issues? I have no problem with Either the Windows client or the Android App on my Nexus One (Cyanogen 6) I LOVE Evernote.... and it just gets better!
  5. I too would love more than one Evernote email address... even if they limited us to two or three! I have two scan to email printers (one at home and one at work). If the work one could send to my work journal, and the home scanner could emal to my Home journal that would be awesome!!! I know you can add a line in the subject like @journal1 but you cant really do this on scan to email printers! Thanks
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