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  1. same thing happens to me (latest market version)... 'Title' View was enable by default, everything displayed as expected including 'stacks' Switched to 'count' view, everything displayed as expected, no stacks, notebooks just listed flat Switched back to 'title' view, nothing happens, it stays on 'count' view, display options thinks its in count view, but what is displaying is 'count view'.
  2. Hi, The functionality in the new Web interface works exactly like what I am after, so if you could replicate that in the Android client, that would be great. Phil
  3. Just bumping this one to check I am not being stupid and missing something or it is a bug?
  4. Just bumping this one to check I am not being stupid and missing something or it is a bug?
  5. Hi, When viewing a list of notes in 'snippet view' from one of ways that show notes from different notebooks (All Notes, Tags, Notebook Stack, Search etc.), it would be really good to display the Notebook name against each note. Is this possible? Phil
  6. Hi, When viewing a list of notes in 'snippet view' the date displayed for each note seems to be the 'updated date', is it possible to change this to display the 'created date' as the new web interface does? Phil
  7. It does, but should the note contain the web page content or just the URL? (I get just the URL)
  8. ok, I am in the browser at a web page and click share and select evernote. What should happen?
  9. Functionality of new widget in beta 5 is great, bordering on perfect, but unlike the previous poster, to me it looks shocking! It's well off center and it's all a bit blurry
  10. I am running under Crossover Office on SuSE 11.3 and yes everything does appear to work, but it is painfully slow.
  11. I get the scenes, effects and flash options when in camera mode via Evernote, but things like picture resolution etc are set via the 'settings' option that is available when pressing the 'menu' key. The 'menu' key does not do anything when in camera mode via Evernote. (Motorola Milestone, 2.1) Phil
  12. Hi, When I create a 'camera capture' note (or add a camera capture to existing note), the quality of the picture is set at 1MP and can't be changed (even though the camera quality can go much higher). Is this deliberate? Phil
  13. Hi, Any chance of adding a button to Widget that will take you to the 'home page' in the app? Currently I click on the search box, then have to click the icon to get to the home page. There is no real need for the search box to be that big (can't type anything into it), so should be space to replace it with both a 'search' icon and a 'home' icon? Obviously, I could just put a shortcut to the app itself on the screen as well as the widget, but seems a waste of precious real estate to me. Phil
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