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  1. Can you tell me how to retrieve a note?
  2. I inadvertently deleted an entire notebook! Is there any way to restore it? Or at least individual notes? Thanks.
  3. Here's portion of a note in Android.
  4. OK. You say Device font where I would say Windows font. :-) Interesting as this is, it doesn't answer this question: When I look at a note on my Android device, some of the characters are a different font and/or size from the others in that note. Since all the characters in that note in Windows are the same -- font and size --, how did the Android ones get to be different?
  5. What is a device font? I don't understand your second comment. How would I set the font on an Android?
  6. Not sure what you mean. I can set the font on the PC to whatever I want. I expect the android version to use rhe same font if it has it, or the default font. But what do I do about different size fonts in an Anoid note?
  7. I have evernote on both my Windows 10 PC and my Android devices. The Android devices show a slightly different font for some lines in some notes from the PC version which has the same font for all lines in all notes. How do I sync these? How do I chage font in the Andoid version? Thanks.
  8. The EOL in Wordpad is \par Not possible to tell what it is in Word. Evernote has to be made to recognize the ^p etc Thanks.
  9. I have a note that needs cleaning up...putting items in order, putting a blank line between items, etc. I pasted the note contents into a text editor and did my edits. Then I copied and pasted into a new note. All the blank lines are gone! I tried ^V, SH-^V, etc. to no avail. How do I preserve my blank lines?
  10. But I'm not dragging anything around!
  11. What is the equivalent in the Android app? Thanks.
  12. Yes, Evernote. Sorry. Windows 10. Android,too.
  13. What happens is that I open Notepad and see that one or more of my notebooks is in a stack. I didn't do anything that I know of to cause that. I guess I should just treat that as a minor irritation and go on withg my life. :-)
  14. 1. I have just a few notebooks so stacks are not needed. 2. Evernote is creating the stacks, not me.
  15. I don't want Evernote to create stacks, period.
  16. Evernote seems to want to create notebook stacks, but I guess it's something I am doing. How can I tell Evernote that I do noy want stacks?
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