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  1. Hi Scott, I set this up for her using her Evernote Desktop client on the Mac. In her Evernote desktop we created a folder to be synchronized, View Only. Put in my address to send the invitation. At my computer I clicked on the email that came from her with the invitation. When I click on the button in the email I get the error message. The notebook was set up correctly. I'm glad this isn't a premium-only feature. Why the email invitation returns the error I don't know. I will ask her to unshare, then share again and see if that clears it up if you have no other suggestions.
  2. Does this mean that in order to share a notebook, a premium account is involved on someone's part? I reviewed several Evernote explanations of notebook sharing and did not see the requirement listed. It makes it seem like you can just share a notebook easily with someone by setting it up in sharing settings and inviting them.
  3. Hello all, my colleague set up a notebook properly to share, and sent me the invite by email which I received. When I click on the button "Open Shared Notebook" I get an "Oops" message telling me that the shared notebook is assigned to another account. Well of course it is, she created it under her account. However when you invite users to share the notebook, obviously it will be a notebook that was created under their account. That shouldn't matter, I am logged into Evernote and I should see it. We are testing this out and so far can't get it to work. What is unclear to me and not prominently stated by Evernote, is if the originator of the shared notebook needs to have a premium account in order to share it. Will shared notebooks work if both parties are on a free account?
  4. Update: Just figured out you actually have to start typing before you get a menu with your tag choices! My bad. However the issue with the blank window and synchronization failure still is present.
  5. Running Lion, Safari and latest Evernote. Tried the web clipper, couldn't add a tag. Clicked on it, but I couldn't put a cursor there, no list came up, nothing to indicate I could insert/choose a tag. Selected "Clip Article" the window shifted but was blank, then disappeared. In Evernote I synchronized, but no note came in. Tried this 3 times and am wondering what's up.
  6. Running Lion on Safari and latest Evernote. I have not been able to use the Tag feature when clipping at all. I would like to. Is there a solution?
  7. Running Safari 5.1.1 and latest web clipper (pretty sure.) I can go to a page, click on the clipper icon, the window opens up and I can choose the notebook. The article is highlighted, but in the clipper window the tag and comment function doesn't work. I click on them but nothing happens. I watched the Chrome clipper video to see if there was another step to do, figuring it was pretty close to how the safari clipper would function, but I am doing the same thing. Odd that I can give the note a name, select the notebook but not add tag or comment. Any idea why? How to fix this?
  8. When collecting and pasting URLs for research, I'll be in a note and things will be going along fine. Then after a bit the pasted URL will not be hyperlinked in blue and underlined like the rest. This will happen for one, then the next will be fine, or two in a row, then the next few will be fine, etc. What is going on, and is there a way to fix those that aren't hyperlinked?
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