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  1. HI, I'm posting here because I think that my case has some similarities: After last update of Evernote on my android (HTC Desire HD) I have strange behavior with SD Card: Often I got the message that SD card is mounted read only, after which I must sync all notes from scratch. Sync finish successfully but it does not lasts for long. After while I get the same message for SD card. Sometimes after sync finishes content of notes is real mess: only bunch of some strange characters. Sometimes it's ok. I've reinstalled evernote few times (with phone reboot). Also I've scanned/repaired the SD card on Win7 (as soon as I insert the card, Win 7 offers to check and repair), deleted evernote folder on it prior evernote installation and syncing.. . I don't claim that SD Card is 100% ok, but I suspect that has something to do with last update. Prior that evernote was functioning excellent ... and I was very happy EN user . Regards,
  2. Yes, that is so with existing note, after "edit" it is possible to paste. BUT!! If you create new note then you can paste only in "note subject" but not in "note content". So from my point of view, this needs to be fixed. HTC Desire HD
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