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  1. Hi, I just wanted to share a useful little workflow that I found recently. I have been looking for a way to do this for over a year and finally found a service that was able to provide the needed functionality. I am posting it here in case anyone has been looking for something similar. As everyone does, I get a lot of e-mail everyday from a variety of sources. I have always wanted to be able to take some of the email that I receive on a regular basis and send it automatically to my Evernote account in to the appropriate notebook and along with useful tagging information. Since Evernote made the '@' and '#' labels for the subject line available, it has been possible to do this manually by simply clicking the message and forwarding it after changing the subject line appropriately. What I usually ended up doing was making a Gmail filter and sending the the various types of email automatically in to Evernote in to a generic Inbox notebook. After a day or two, I would go to my Evernote account and manually move the email to the correct notebook and add tagging information. Recently, I found a service called Tarpipe (tarpipe.com) that makes this process a lot easier. Tarpipe sets up a workflow that will process incoming e-mail and change the Subject line in any way that you choose and then forward it on to another e-mail address. So, for example, you have a newsletter that you get each week and you would like to save in Evernote. If you use Gmail, you go to the 'Create Filter' dialog and set up a filter that selects this email from your incoming e-mail. Then, you set up Gmail to forward this e-mail to Tarpipe at a specified incoming e-mail address that you set up for this filter. Tarpipe can then take this e-mail and add additional information to the Subject line such as @Notebook and #tag #tag #tag. When this processing is complete, Tarpipe takes the finished e-mail and forwards it on to your incoming Evernote e-mail address. Here is how the setup looks using Tarpipe's visual editor. I admit that it is a bit of a pain to set this up in this way. Once you get it set up, however, it takes all the effort out of forwarding and processing your routine email. You can set up a workflow for Amazon receipts, UPS shipping confirmations, or just about anything you can make a Gmail filter for. The downside is that it is a subscription service, but if you use email forwarding to Evernote a lot than it may be worth it. I put the workflow in to the 'public' area on tarpipe.com labeled as 'Email to Evernote Tagging/Notebook Interface' so you can clone it if you want to and use it for yourself.
  2. Did you try 'simplify formatting' in the pull down menu under format? I'm not sure that would remove all the extraneous formatting code but it's worth a try. There is also an option to make it plain text which would remove the extraneous codes. Steve
  3. I have listened to, I think, every podcast that Evernote has produced since the beginning. I have always enjoyed them and gleaned useful tidbits about how to use Evernote and what their future plans were going to be. This latest podcast really made me scratch my head. This is the first time that I really felt like I wasn't on board with what they were talking about. I think the latest podcast explains a lot of the problems that Evernote has been experiencing lately. They were explaining some of the new direction of the company that they rolled out at the Evernote conference. Apparently, skeuomorphism is out. Any remnants of it must be removed from their product. I don't really have a strong opinion either way on the matter as far as the UI goes. If someone wants leather stitched lining on their computer calendar or, as Apple did up until recently, little remnants of torn away paper on the top of their calendar, that's fine with me. As the podcast went on though, they went on to something which I think is actually a bad idea. Phil Libin is apparently on the warpath against 'Cognitive Skeuomorphism.' He seems to think that any productivity or application paradigm that has it's basis in actual physical media is not efficient or elegant. Digital applications should discard many of the old concepts and paradigms of physical media. They pointed out how file cabinets, documents, files, even inboxes when used in digital applications or software is 'Cognitive Skeuomorphism.' They lost me there. These things were developed and have been used for many decades because they work. People understand these concepts and have developed workflows that use them. They are efficient conceptual patterns to organize and do productive work. I didn't get the impression from listening to the podcast that they were pointing out anything fundamentally wrong about these things but merely that since we are more advanced now and using digital applications, we should find new paradigms because we can. It all seemed very elitist and condescending to the average user who just wants to have his files, inboxes and documents without worrying about 'Cognitive Skeuomorphism' or being forced in to new work flows or patterns without a good reason. I was thinking that if they had thought this much about it, there must be some compelling new ways to approach old problems and to break free of all our old cognitive skeuomorphisms. What have they come up with as they push forward in to this new age? They devoted months of developers time and countless hours to come up with ---- Work Chat! They took Evernote and bolted on a 90's era Internet Messenger client. Not exactly cutting edge, new wave thinking. Work chat feels like they had a problem. They wanted to monetize Evernote more, attract more business paying clients and keep them in Evernote. They wanted to turn Evernote from a Remember Everything, intelligent application that stored everything and could recall it easily into a "Work Space." Unfortunately, this is not what Evernote was originally designed to do. Redesigning and repurposing the already existing client, servers and databased to pursue this new goal is difficult and ultimately will never be as good as other applications already out there which do it much better. They talked about how difficult it was to get this Work Chat client working and being able to scale to millions of users. I thought to myself, that's interesting that they are focusing so much on getting scalability working for Work Chat when they can't even solve the scalability problems for users with large databases of notes, which is supposed to be the fundamental purpose of Evernote. I also thought it was a little humorous when they said early in the podcast that they had banned PowerPoint at Evernote headquarters. Later in the podcast, Phil was musing about how great Presentation mode is because when he walks around the office, he sees everyone using it. That tends to happen when you ban the other application that does this well. (Presentation mode has it's uses but doesn't really compare to power point). They also were singing the praises of Context on the podcast. In the first half of the podcast, they extolled the virtues of the clean, uncluttered workspace. They said how pointless it was to have buttons and distractions around the interface that were not frequently used. They seemed to assume that everyone agrees with them and wants to have a clear, white blank interface to type in. Maybe there are some people out there who like having ready access to many options and buttons and their list of notes displayed are not distracted by them? The ironic thing is that Context is distracting for me and I can't figure out why anyone would want Evernote mining their notes and coming up with searches for information that I haven't asked for. I don't need to see a "Linked In" box for everyone mentioned in my note. I think it's usually superfluous and if I really wanted the information it's only a google search away. They kept saying how Evernote wants us to "work better" and that Context will enable us to do this. Even if Context worked 100% as advertised, I see it as marginally useful at best and distracting waste of space at worst. Context is a basically re-packaged 'Related Notes.' I have used Evernote every day for the past 5 years and I can't think of one time that I actually saw something in 'Related Notes' while I was working and clicked on it. If I'm searching for something, that's what the search box is for. The one thing Context does do is provide revenue stream for Evernote because I'm sure the WSJ is paying for the privilege of their articles showing up in my Evernote client. Listening to Andrew Sinkov's presentation at the evernote conference and his desire to 'bend the universe,' it seems like Evernote's braintrust has been bored and doesn't want to just be an excellent storehouse for information and data retrieval that synced across multiple platforms and devices. Which they were very good at. They wanted to do something exciting like becoming a collaborative tool for businesses. As has been pointed out elsewhere in the forums, they could have done this more gradually and introduced another client for this purpose that integrated well with the core application. I really appreciated that in the past Evernote focused on doing the core services well and did not want to venture out in to tasks and services that they were not good at. They developed a robust API and actively encouraged developers to broaden the features and capabilities of the core Evernote application. This allowed them to focus laser-like on their original purpose of storing and retrieving and cataloging a user's information. Adobe has done this well over the years. They have maintained the features of the Adobe Photoshop application for many, many years. They have added on features but have not deprecated or removed features. Microsoft does a lot of things wrong but they certainly understand the importance of backward compatibility and stability in their applications especially when it comes to businesses. The longer that an application is out there and being used by businesses and individuals, the more critical it is not to break workflows. Not to arbitrarily remove features. Evernote must think that it is still a start up company that can ignore the needs of it's users and make fundamental course changes abruptly and without preparing users for the changes or providing ways for them to maintain their previous work flows. Anyway, that's enough of a rant. I have been a big Evernote fan for years and have introduced many people to it. I am saddened to see the new directions they are taking and feel like it will be detrimental to the company in the long run when they lose focus on what made them successful. Evernote for now is unique in the features and advantages that it offers and this makes it difficult to switch. I never really considered moving to another platform until the past few months. I'm hopeful they'll have a change of heart and return to their roots and make Evernote better and more reliable than ever. I hope they will listen to the feedback of users about their design changes that are causing more turmoil than needed and provide a stable client and interface. They should enable users to maintain their work flows and configure their clients to the way they want to use them. Serving the customers needs, not your own, and recognizing the difference, is the foundation of a solid company. ----- As a side note, I'm not sure when this podcast was recorded, but it would have been nice for them to at least acknowledge some of their missteps recently, especially with the Penultimate app (I think the infinite scrolling with out pages is attributable to the new war against 'Cognitive Skeuomorphism') and the new Mac user interface and at least briefly discuss their response to it.
  4. skellam

    Not Syncing

    If Evernote won't sync for some reason, here are a few things you can do to figure why it won't sync and possibly resolve the issue: Verify you're connected to the Internet - It's possible that Evernote's sync failure is due to a lack of connectivity on your device. An easy way to verify this is to do something unrelated to Evernote that requires an active Internet connection: visit a Web site in your browser, check your email, etc.Try restarting your computer or device - Simply restarting a device may fix a sync error.Upgrade to the latest version of Evernote - sync errors are often fixed with product updates. Download the latest version of Evernote from your app store or the Evernote website.Search for error messages - If Evernote is displaying an error message when trying to sync, try searching the Evernote Knowledge Base for the error message and see if there are any suggestions for resolving the problem.Check Evernote's Status Blog - Each week, the Evernote servers are updated with new versions of the various software components that power the service. During this time, the service can be slow or even intermittently unavailable. Check status.evernote.com to ensure that there isn't a server-side problem causing your sync issue.If you're using a Windows computer, verify that Internet Explorer isn't in offline mode by verifying that Work Offline isn't checked under Internet Explorer's File menu.If none of these suggestions help in resolving your inability to sync or if you still cannot connect to Evernote's servers, please contact Evernote support. When you submit your support request, it will save time if you include a copy of your Activity Log from within the Evernote application. Follow the instructions here to get your Activity Log. Of course, this last part only applies if you are a Premium user. Evernote recently discontinued tech support for free users and you may want to pay the $5 for a month of Premium of you need their assistance.
  5. I should have also mentioned that you can post your ticket # here in the forum and one of the moderators can flag it and sometimes that speeds up the process of getting support.
  6. You are not alone, imalone. I've experienced long wait time for support as have many users recently. Not sure what the underlying cause it but lack of manpower certainly could be an issue.
  7. I like your analogies. No one likes to think of themselves as the stick in the mud old timer resistant to change. Unless there is some grander vision that they have not revealed yet, some people might view what they're doing as a step backward and not forward. I would love it if they continued to make Evernote bigger, faster and more different colors. They have stripped out features and configurability, eliminated colors, and added a buggy whip of a messenger client and introduced many bugs in the process. Most cutting edge business collaboration tools use video conferencing, shared whiteboards, real-time shared editing of documents with real versioning. Work Chat looks like a horse and carriage compared to that.
  8. I noticed that too and thought that was a major change of emphasis. In the past, when people complained about how poor the editing experience was in Evernote, they were told that Evernote is primarily a repository of searchable information and was not really an editing tool. Now, from the podcast, it seems that Evernote's goal is to be better and smarter than a typewriter used for all editing great and small. I would be happy if the editing experience improved but I doubt that I would use Evernote for all my editing and writing needs.
  9. skellam

    mac Evernote for Mac 6: Design Feedback

    I don't have pictorial evidence of this, but I believe this represents a change from previous behavior. The pop-up used to have two options, something like, "Finish sync" and "Quit Now." Not sure what the advantage of removing the first option is.
  10. Yes, you will initially receive an automated response providing you with a ticket#. Once a human gets to your ticket, they will contact you. this can take a few days, as you are currently noticing. If you want, you can use the live chat feature. This is usually the fastest way to deal with relatively straightforward requests like username changes and refunds. Again, in both cases I'd recommend posting your ticket number(s) here so that if staff see this post, then can get things rolling for you. I have been disappointed in their support as well. I recently waited close to a week for any human response to my service ticket. What do they promise? At a minimum, they should change their support promises if they don't intend to keep them. Steve
  11. skellam

    Insert date as well as time Mac

    Command-Option-Shift D adds the current time.
  12. Evernote's willingness to essentially "deprecate" an entire app without warning like they did with Penultimate, which disrupted the workflows of many people (and resulted in data loss for others who had not sync'd their app), does not give me a lot of confidence that e-mail sharing will be around for long (or that we'll have much advance warning before it disappears). Steve
  13. I think the chances of the price going down are roughly about 0% so I say go for it now!
  14. After many years of paying for premium account, I submitted support ticket on Oct. 15 and did not receive an reply from a human until Oct. 22. I submitted feedback when they requested it on how the support experience was and I let them know that they should not advertise 24 hour turnaround on their support requests if they cannot deliver it, especially since 24 hour response is supposed to be one of the advantages of having a Premium account. This was the automated response to my ticket: "**This is an Automated Message to confirm that we have received your inquiry.** Thank you for contacting Evernote Support. As a valued customer of Evernote, you will receive support within 1 business day. Evernote is closed on Weekends and Holidays."
  15. skellam

    Me vs Market

    That's a great point, Frank. Same point I was trying to make, but you did it much better. Did you find a transcript somewhere, or did you do your own? I had no idea their goal was to be able to "bend the universe." I would have settled for being able to take notes and email them to my friends and co-workers but that is a bit mundane. Steve
  16. skellam

    Evernote for Mac 5.7 released

    1 ) Work Chat does not allow me to send a static version of the note (i.e. if I make further changes to the note after sending, those changes will reflect in the note the recipient receives) 2 ) Work Chat requires the recipient to sign up for Evernote 3 ) Sending a public note link is less secure and unacceptable alternative in many cases. 4 ) I don't always want to chat about notes that I send, I just want to send them. 5 ) I have never had any one complain that notes which I forwarded were not formatted correctly or reliably delivered. I have been an Evernote premium user since 2008 and have never considered migrating to other note application but this type of attitude toward users (i.e. we're deprecating this useful feature, too bad you liked it and found it useful) is making me strongly consider that route.
  17. skellam

    Evernote for Mac 5.7 released

    I did some playing around with the new "Work Chat" feature and I am underwhelmed. The fundamental problem it seems is they are trying to retrofit a collaborative workspace on an application and database designed for individual use and note storage. To make this work, they would need to do a ground up re-design of their note structure, database and user interface. If I am working with other people on a single note that I've shared with "Work Chat" and they are able to make changes that I have no visible way of tracking and no reliable versioning system to go back to previous drafts, it's not a very useful collaboration environment. Sure, you can see when someone is working on a note with the littel avatars in the corner of the note, but if I go to the note and have no idea what they changed or when or by whom, that becomes a whole lot more confusing and less than helpful. There are a lot of apps out there who do it better by an order of magnitude so why settle for this. By focusing on these types of things just to be able to say they are focused on collaboration without actually delivering on it, they make Evernote less compelling and builds distrust among their user base, especially those who didn't want all the extra collaboration and business focus to begin with.
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    Evernote for Mac 5.7 released

    It does appear to be a bug. Another work around is to highlight PDF with the mouse and then right click and then the 'Rename' is no longer greyed out
  19. https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/103506736 Steve
  20. skellam

    Evernote for Mac 5.7 released

    I just tried it and it still works for me.. If you just right click on the pdf, the 'Rename Attachment' option is greyed out. You have to left-click and select the pdf, then right-click and it the 'Rename Attachment' option will be available.
  21. skellam

    Evernote for Mac 5.7 released

    Please move the 'Email note' button back under the 'Share' button above the notes and don't hide it in the 'More Sharing' drop down menu. This is essential functionality for many people and moving it to promote a new feature is not a good idea.
  22. The only one I'm familiar with is ZenDone. I use it every day and I love the Evernote and Google Calendar integration. I don't think it's as strong on the group and team integration that you are looking for. But, for a personal productivity app focused on the GTD method, Evernote, and Google Calendar, I think it stands out. It doesn't have a lot of bells & whistles but focuses on providing a framework to practically and efficiently use the Getting Things Done concepts.
  23. skellam

    Highlighting, how to remove?

    If you are using Mac OS version, just select the text again with command key and it will remove the highlighting for you.
  24. It's not that it goes away from the main screen, it just get's a tick smaller. I would say that it is more than a "tick" smaller. I think they made the right changes here to allow for it to be removed to a tiny icon that will never be seen unless you scroll all the way to the bottom. Or, if you are very interested in what the Marketplace has to offer you make it a large section with pictures at the top of your home screen.
  25. I just purchased a Moleskine notebook for Evernote. When I read the product description, it implied that I could customize the smart tags to have multiple tags (up to 6 tags) within Evernote associated with each smart tag. When I attempted to assign tags to a smart tag, I was only able to assign one tag to each smart tag. Is there another way to do this or is only one tag allowed?