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  1. On my Mac, I can print my notes to PDF (instead of printing to a printer) fine, but there are serious problems: the text comes out OK, but the images that are in the notes don't fit the PDF pages. On my screens (iPad or Mac) the images look perfect, appear properly within the text and fit the screen. When I print to PDF however, many of the images are too big, they are amputated or get divided over a couple of PDF pages, which makes the PDF look extremely awkward and unusable. I tried another approach: copying and pasting to Pages instead. Alas, there are problems there too. If I Select All (text and images) in a note, it copies only the text. The image attachements in the note then have to be copied one by one, and reinserted (pasted) in their proper context in Pages one by one. That is extraordinarily tedious if you have many notes with lots of pictures, as I do. So how can I make the images attachments fit the PDF pages?
  2. I reinstalled Evernote Web Clipper and everything seems to be working smoothly again. Evernote ROCKS!
  3. Firefox 3.6.10 makes Evernote crash when I use web clip. Or so it seems. Please tell me what I can do so that Evernote doesn't quit unexpectedly whenever I use it from this latest version of Firefox for Mac. Thanks.
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