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  1. http://www.neatco.com/products/neatdesk Interesting hardware. Perhaps Evernote could approach them/vice versa to integrate the hardware (Neatdesk) and software (EN) together? It's kind of like Fujitsu Scansnap.
  2. Is the EN Premium support queue backed up? My questions haven't been replied to for a few days already.
  3. Never mind - I'll report to support instead.
  4. I've been recently having some serious performance issues with Evernote on Mac for the last few days. Usually it was indexing that had brought this processor usage spike, but I've checked the activity log, and nothing was happening, yet the CPU usage was 150%+. (MacBook pro Core 2 Duo 2.4 ghz)
  5. Doesn't work. I'm searching within the note itself, with a very specific criteria, whether it is a exact link or phrase, yet it comes up all over the place. My suggestion {b}was for searching within the note itself. Did you enclose your search string in quotes? Yes. Does this require a screenshot as well? I'll copy and paste the exact words that I have entered into the search box: "Leaning for a MBA but unsure - student, mobile youth". Do you still not believe me? (Note: While the words 'appear' in the text document, if this was a very large document and I wasn't on the same page as the thing I was looking for, I'd be skipping through all those findings; all 127 matches instead of the 1 match I am supposed to get. Even with quotation-marks around the search terms.)
  6. I'm searching with in a note, so I can't necessarily search using the 'sourceURL' function. If you want to find exactly that link in the text of your note, you can always enclose it in quotes in the search control, e.g. "http://www.lifehacker.com" Doesn't work. I'm searching within the note itself, with a very specific criteria, whether it is a exact link or phrase, yet it comes up all over the place. Intended feature? :?
  7. Evernote really has a flawed text note search... For example, when I put a link to search, it should come up (The results of the search) with the exact link/URL that I have inputted, instead of some random scatter of letters. This situation is illustrated below:
  8. Friend just thought about this possible feature idea. Wouldn't it be useful if your web clippings automatically update? This would be especially useful for people. The Version History feature could also be used to note the differences. However, this might strain the web server, so this could work in two ways: Premium only, *or* specific notes with web clippings could be 'marked' or watched.
  9. A real time Access Log would be very helpful - Unknowing users who may have a weak password, or a password that is the same across the board (With their Email, ...) may find their account easily compromised, and their data siphoned out without any knowledge. There is a possibility that the hacker could dwell there indefinitely while slowly stealing the data away.
  10. I think it would be wise for Evernote to incorporate newer security features, with the new dangers of hacking, and the massive amounts of data stored in Evernote. One small thing that would be appreciated would be the ability to have an Activity Log. Basically, this would work like how Gmail's and Facebook's does - Everytime your Evernote account is accessed, whether via a desktop Mac client, on the web, or on the iPad, it would record your IP, as well as the client and country where the access originated from. There might be some users that might refuse this, saying that it is an intrusion of their privacy. However, this is not really the case-every time you sync with Evernote, it is quite likely that your IP is transmitted as well. By offering this service, Evernote is just showing the customers what is already available. I think this would be particularly useful-I could think of a scenario where a prankster might gain access to someone's Evernote account, and sneakily delete tags and notes without the user's notice. By the time the user finds out, it might be too late already. Or perhaps corporate espionage - how would you know if someone was accessing your account? -JFW
  11. If I recall correctly, this subscription model was only targeted towards magazines and other content publishers, and only on the iOS App Store and not the Mac App Store.
  12. If only files adding in Evernote looked this beautiful, and the fact that you could add a caption to it with the filename displayed on the file. *Dreams*
  13. How did you determine average size if you're limiting the size before it even gets into Evernote? Seems like you got the cart before the horse. If the size limit was larger and people were able to put large documents in, then your average would be a lot bigger. There's nothing saying that they don't keep track of the sizes of PDFs that were rejected because they exceeded the then-current limit. ~Jeff There's nothing saying that they do keep track of the sizes of PDFs (Or files) that were rejected because they exceeded the current limit. It's quite unlikely that such data would be sent to Evernote.
  14. How often does the note history backup/version control function occur? If I recall correctly, it was either occurring every few hours/every day, but I had edited a note yesterday and it hasn't created a new version today. Quite intriguing...
  15. +1. Preview is an excellent PDF viewer. The built-in annotation feature is very helpful as well.
  16. Some people may use Evernote as a data repository, others as an Everything Bucket, or/and a personal wiki. The last two mentioned may have private/confidential data that people would normally not want the public to see.
  17. Honestly, IMO, if you're worried about disk space, then I think it's time to invest in another hard drive. I've got quite a few notes & my db is ~6 gb. Given than the monthly upload limit is 60 mb (free) or 1 gb (premium), the most data anyone will be adding to their cloud is 12 gb over the course of a year. OTOH, if you used local notebooks & had a lot of very large PDFs, that's another story. But still, those won't be added to the cloud, so would only be stored on the computer they are created on. [*:3m5uahdy]SSDs are not cheap, for those who are using them. [*:3m5uahdy]The repository where Evernote's database sits in cannot be changed, nor can it be moved to another hard drive. Therefore your suggestion of "investing into a new hard drive" also requires a reinstallation or a migration of an user's operating system and files associated with it, as the user cannot merely "plug in the new hard drive to expand the space of the original hard drive". [*:3m5uahdy]Your 12GB theoretical maximum statement is incorrect: I recall a post on the Evernote forums where a user could cancel and subscribe again to the Evernote Premium service, thus 'clearing' the upload limit of their account for the month.
  18. Ah... That's... somewhat slightly inconvenient then. :|
  19. Is the max note size still 50MB? ... I recall hearing about some increase in storage capacity a few months back.
  20. ... 6 images that haven't been OCRed, with the first one in Evernote since the 22nd, and the latest ones yesterday. Is the OCR queue backed up again (Even for Premium members?) or are my images over the criteria? Here are the file sizes below: [*:yi8qz8lx]1/22/2011 - 35kb [*:yi8qz8lx]1/22/2011 - 15.7MB [*:yi8qz8lx]1/23/2011 - 6.6MB [*:yi8qz8lx]1/25/2011 - 19.8MB [*:yi8qz8lx]1/25/2011 - 11.6MB [*:yi8qz8lx]1/25/2011 - 21.2MB
  21. It's quite interesting - An image (15.7MB) refused to OCR since yesterday... Has something gone amiss in the OCR engine? (I'm a Premium Evernote user.)
  22. Agreed. Very potentially dangerous to those who dump everything into Evernote.
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