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  1. Hi, if this was written on QT, can you please port it to Symbian3? Isn't it so that QT is completely open source and can be ported to Symbian3 (and many other platforms)? I don't know what's the amount of effort, so apologies if this was a stupid question.
  2. Hi, I really hope you will consider looking into N8 support. As I understand, you can write on QT which is an open source platform that can be ported to Linux, Kindle DX, Android, Nokia Symbian 3 (and future Symbian 4), and Meego. This sounds like a great thing for developers to get a wider audience. Nokia pushes more phones than anyone else in the world (seriously, check out their world market share, and not just USA), so this is seriously something you should consider. Note also, QT is widely accepted and even Google Earth was written on it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qt_(framework) Disclaimer, I'm not a developer... but I would really really really love to see Evernote on my Kindle3 and Nokia N8.
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