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  1. I had a situation this last weekend where lack of cell coverage prevented me from getting a note when I needed it. Made me think of how using Evernote can be unreliable, not that I should consider going premium. That's why I consider offline synch to be a feature which smooths over holes in the system and not a productivity feature - offline synch is just a kludge for an imperfect environment, not something I should have had to think about.
  2. Burgers, I don't disagree with you on what Evernote's model is and don't disagree with it either. However I think that this particular feature should not be part of the premium upgrade for the reasons I wrote pretty carefully. I'm not saying they're being bad in any way, just that the absence of this feature in the basic version can make new users more tentative about getting fully immersed in the product.
  3. I had a look at the beta for the next Android client and it looked like a major improvement over the current version. Unfortunately I had to uninstall it after a few minutes because it wasn't getting the updated version of notes changed from the website - I'm sure that'll be fixed soon. It appears that the offline synch feature is being considered for only premium users. I think that should not be the case and here is my justification - offline synch is really just a hedge against connectivity problems. If connectivity were not an issue then nobody would care about offline synch. As a fairly recent new user of Evernote I see a lot of promise in Evernote, but I have already been bitten by creating a shopping list note and then getting to the store and finding that I have no signal there. Despite Evernote being a great service that incident made me more cautious about relying on it. So by including offline sync as a basic feature you are really just eliminating the situation where a basic user would become more cautious about relying on your service which long term reduces the chance of them becoming a long term (possibly premium) user. Forcing that user right away to decide whether to become a premium user to overcome this problem probably doesn't work out as well for you. Thanks Steve
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