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  1. It was not sorted, unfortunately. The first sync went perfectly, but closing evernote and reopening it resulted in the "not responding" again. The solution that works now: rolled back to 6.3.3 public. Works perfectly.
  2. Funny thing, it seems to be sorted now. What I did was simply deinstall everything, trashing all folders, fresh reinstall. Then, when the "log in or create account" window appears, I went to the settings (because I thought it could have been the proxy). Not finding the proxy, I just changed the appearence from dark to bright. Now it's reacting and syncing. Could be a coincidence, but doesn't have to. The dark theme is something new.
  3. Just figured - it's not related to my account. I created a fresh one and it's also stuck. Seems like Evernote_6.4.2.3773 is suffering from one big bug.
  4. It seems that history is repeating. Starting today, Evernote stopped working on my business notebook. "Not responding". I hope support will be responding to my ticket #1888282.
  5. Ok, let me ask differently: Is it planned to support touch based windows devices? If yes, by when?
  6. Nice to know; now I regret having the latest and greatest OS version installed ... Any chance I get touch from somewhere, @dconnet ?
  7. @seebee I checked again, the windows store doesn't offer EN touch here. Would you be able to provide me an URL? The EN screenshots in the windows store look exactly like the EN desktop version.
  8. Hi I bought a Surface Pro 4 recently and installed Evernote (desktop, beta) on it. Works perfectly fine if not used with touches. I wanted to show my boss some research I did and messed up my stacks and my tags completely. As well, scrolling down in a note window seems to select text. Rubbish :-( This EN is perfect (at least really usable) for mice and keyboards, but unusable for touch screens. Any alternative / lookout appreciated Cheers André
  9. Thanks for your effort qot; my posting was rather to express my frustration with Evernote. It shouldn't be a normal user's task to implement stuff like this ...
  10. Little downside: This nice script only works on English Evernote instances ... I still don't get it: There are so many great improvements in the evernote client (like "remember view settings"), but things like this are still lacking. Markdown FTW!
  11. You guys might want to give marxico a try. I'm loving it! (not affiliated at all) http://marxi.co/ Cheers André
  12. We're able to rename notes at least. And tags. Although tags are unusable with ENB. But who cares, as long as we don't need to get along with this relict called "file system". Hell, I'm somewhat p*ssed... My ENB contact wants me to wait for the next big thing EN is preparing right now. Meaning another alpha grade beta version of EN for Mac, I guess, Windows lagging behind. I'll be out ASAP.
  13. Hi dlu Nice one, I love to have business and non-business separated, thanks! One question though, talking about reminders: I only use the list view, since I'm pretty much relying on tags and dates when I browse my notes. However, I don't see a sign of reminders in the list view. In the two other views, the reminders are there. I would expect a column named "reminder", showing the due date or something, but there's nothing like this. Instead, there's a "subject" which shows a timestamp (for whatever reason). http://www.evernote.com/shard/s313/sh/a98e3b32-a3df-498a-869c-ec80e7083111/29f1a4bc2e80f4ee312d09a064621d27 1 - Will the reminders be available some day in the list view? 2 - What's the "subject" about? Cheers André
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