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  1. Thanks for your effort qot; my posting was rather to express my frustration with Evernote. It shouldn't be a normal user's task to implement stuff like this ...
  2. Little downside: This nice script only works on English Evernote instances ... I still don't get it: There are so many great improvements in the evernote client (like "remember view settings"), but things like this are still lacking. Markdown FTW!
  3. You guys might want to give marxico a try. I'm loving it! (not affiliated at all) http://marxi.co/ Cheers André
  4. We're able to rename notes at least. And tags. Although tags are unusable with ENB. But who cares, as long as we don't need to get along with this relict called "file system". Hell, I'm somewhat p*ssed... My ENB contact wants me to wait for the next big thing EN is preparing right now. Meaning another alpha grade beta version of EN for Mac, I guess, Windows lagging behind. I'll be out ASAP.
  5. Hi Chris Thanks for this. In the meantime, I backed up my EN directory and installed EN5. Right now I'm restoring the old version again, exactly for missing personal/business separation. "Personal" means "Very personal" in my setup, so stacking is not an option. I will think about creating a second account for my business stuff. Cheers A.
  6. Hi GM Well, yeah, I'd like to know how the current version ( behaves, especially in terms of splitting personal and business notebooks etc. I don't care what happened back in June, to be honest. Cheers André
  7. Hi all Is anyone using EN5 on Windows with a business account? I didn't dare to upgrade yet. Funny how quiet it is in here re this topic. Cheers André
  8. This is actually an excellent question! Initially, I thought this was an easy task, but you're right, I don't see a way of doing this. Oh my ...
  9. Adding my 2 cents (or $10): There's no pro-rate mechanism either. A user who joins August 20 will be on the invoice with $10 for August and $10 for September. Basics.
  10. There's another bug related to that. I have a saved search (tag:10* ...), and one of my notes matches this search. Inside there are links to notes in the same notebook, but not matching the search terms. When I click on these links, the focus jumps on the first note in the saved search instead of opening the linked note. Thanks for reporting this. Notelinks issue noted above should be addressed in 4.6.5 GA ... and reintroduced in 4.6.7, and most probably ported to V5.
  11. Hi Matthew I can confirm that only the user who created the links can follow them. In Windows, I created a link as User A in a business notebook, referring to a note in the same notebook. User B tries to follow the link on the web and it fails. I raised this bug in ticket 12008 and it was fixed in one of the betas, but apparently they killed the fix again. What annoys me a lot is that cross-notebook links don't work at all. That's a completely useless restriction. Following a link into a notebook that's not synced should lead to a popup, offering to subscribe to this notebook. I'm very, very disappointed of Evernote, honestly.
  12. Any update? Windows user here ... 4.x IMHO EN business is not audit proof at all at the moment. No diffs, no highlighted changes, no simultaneous edits ... :-(
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