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  1. A bit off topic, but I gotta say... my biggest fear about postach.io is ... if it goes away.

    It is the *best* thing that's every happened with Evernote (imo)


    Just stick with it a while it will be worth it.


    I've linked EN with postach.io and because postach.io has a rss feed, I use twitter feed to push the links to twitter and facebook.

    The amount of time that saves me is insane.


    I type once, and it goes to my blog, facebook, twitter and years from now, I will always have a backup of my posts.


    Before I was backup up my blogs/twitter/facebook to Evernote, now I don't need to bother, because Evernote is the *source*


    Gavin and Co - thank you for this gift, please give it time to catch on - for people realise the value of this product.

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  2. Hi all.


    Please take a look at one of my EverNotes [here] < A Great Idea for Developers as well  >



    I have what I think is a workable solution to recording long audio (1 or more hours) and to be able to find important information in that audio file fairly quickly and without using too much CPU power either.



    Often my mind wanders during meetings, or discussions, or at other times, I just don't know what someone is speaking about... ofcourse I could just ask them to explain themselves - but these days, people just don't have the time and then they despise you for taking up their time, so I look-up the terms or concepts afterwards and if I really need to, I ask that same person again, but now the question is framed in a knowledgable context and that person is more inclinded to explain things under those circumstances. (my experience anyway)


    The problem with audio files, is ofcourse, finding the exact point in that hour long presentation when they explained X or Y.

    If you have multiple audio files ... even worse.



    This is basically an "idea space" that the developers might take note of, but it's a long shot and I don't know yet who to approach and how to approach them - any suggestions welcome, but I'd also like to know if folks think this idea could work.


    I really struggled to find the right place to place this message, if you know of a better one, please let me know.


    Kind Regards



  3. Hi. I have the same problem, but instead of simply saying "please fix it" - I have an alternative perspective to offer Evernote.


    There are a lot of 3rd party apps in both Android, IPhone, Windows "app-spheres" that already do what Evernote is trying to do, namely


    1) Enhance Text by optimizing contrast

    2) Adjusting / correcting document perspective when camera is not perpendicular to page (Also called KeyStone Effect)

    3) Adjusting / correcting document angle of rotation in relation to the camera.


    These are not simple and easy things to ask for. 

    One of the best examples of this this is in an android app called CamCard .. it does the above, including OCR to capture business cards ... and it does it very well - but the app is 15 MB in size, and understandably so, considering what it has to do.

    Unless Evernote shifts all the processing work to the cloud servers .... the mobile app might become very large?


    So all things considered, would it not be easier for Evernote to partner with 3rd party app developers in some way?

    Elect the best "Scanner" type apps - name them in Trunk and build a trigger in the software that automatically calls that app when "scanning" is needed.


    Evernote is becoming (nay - is already) a "heavy weight", the defacto system for note taking and research and as such, Evernote is now more a platform, than a singular piece of software (i.e. Trunk) - the difficult to decision to "open up" with API's or to remain an efficient but closed system will always be there. This is the burden of all outstanding technical products. Apple chose one path, Google chose another - each have advantages and risks.


    For me, I'm hunting for a scanner type app which I will use to achieve the above, and then use the share function on my phone to send it to Evernote - it is an extra step, but one reserved to occasions when I'm taking pictures of documents phone my phone.






  4. A few years ago there was a product called Google NoteBook and it was killed. I got burned, and I lost some work.


    Then there was EverNote, and I was hesitant at first but as time went by I realized that this product was ... as I call it - an ExoCortex

    (A secondary layer of memory that overlays my own) - a way of life.


    Now Google returns with a "Google Keep" an ironic name, after having just slit the throat of Google Reader. (I got burned again)

    People are drawing comparisons between "Google Keep" and Evernote - but they're misguided.


    Evernote as a product speaks for itself, and it stands on it's own merits - but I don't want to see any erosion of EverNote user-base by Google because people come to the wrong conclusion that "Google Keep is kinda like EverNote"


    As of today - I become "Evangelical" about EverNote because I want to see the best product get the recognition it deserves and I want Evernote to be around for the next 100 years [ and I plan to be around for a long time as you can gather ;) ]


    These are the points I'm raising around the web


    1) Evernote is here for the long haul - can we say the same for any Google Product?

    2) Evernote desktop allows offline copies on the hard drive (YOU own the data) - is this true of Google Keep?

    3) Keep all your eggs in one (cloud) basket? Is that ever a good idea? 

    4) If your internet is down - can you still access your data - with EverNote? ... yes we can.

    5) Let's say you get a great job offer in another country ...say China - but there's the huge big firewall (You've got 2 choices - 

    5.1 Backup your [enex] database file take it with you

    5.2 If you've PGP encrypted your sensitive data - you can upload parts of the EverNote Database to the Chinese based Evernote servers

    6) Evernote 4.5x works *near-perfectly* under Ubuntu Linux via Wine (one issue with opening up pdfs requires a work-around)


    Now let's be clear - Evernote certainly doesn't need my help, everyone knows it's an awesome product - but where people start drawing wrong comparisons between Evernote and product X, I'm going to show them my phone or computer, and people can come to their own (informed) conclusions.


    Thanks to the Evernote Team - here's to the next 100 years.  :lol:







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  5. Often we'd like to save the full content of a webpage, rather than just the link.

    Dolphin offered a plugin to do this, but it is text only ... not even tables are reproduces.

    So far the best solution I have foumd is

    1. Install the urltopdf (free)

    2. When in browser, share the webpages with urltopdf, which then gives to two options

    a) view

    B) send

    I choose "send" to send it to Evernote.

    Things I enjoy about this is that the pdf documents are small, in the 200 ~ 900 kb range.

    It is a verbatim copy, including graphics and tables.

    The urltopdf has *some* aspects of Evernote Clearly in that extraneous side columns are excluded, but not always.

    I tend to view articles with Tap.tu which is where I do a lot of STE (send-to-evernote)

    On a final note .. to the EverNote developers ... thankyou for the amazing work you guys are doing.

    LifeChanging stuff and I mean this sincerely, in a world where speed of information determines your value in the workplace, Evernote is more than an app ... it is life- integration.

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  6. Whilst it is true that EN runs under wine ... I wouldn't use the adjective "happily" when using it on a netbook.

    Slow-to-the-point of being unuseable. The same is true of NeverNote.

    The only acceptable wine-related performance I've seen is by using an old 2.x copy of the portable version of EN (it was meant to run of usb drives .. I liked it a lot, but it doesn't support nested notebooks .....)

    Alternative for linux users? http://remus-software.org/

  7. Anyway, now sit back and watch my predictions unfold, exactly as I said they would.

    Enjoy the show.

    It hardly takes a psychic to "predict" something that's already happened.


    Nope, what you're referring to is someone trying to plug a linux client into the existing EverNote Server Architecture.

    What I'm afraid of, is someone saying "to heck with it" and build a client that "syncs" with either Google Mail, DropBox, SugarSync, UbuntuOne or just even one's own server.

    The Linux client you're referring to, is a side show, a distraction.

    P.S. The "Prediction / Nostradamus" allusion are tongue - in - cheek LOL :lol:

  8. Amidst the roars and cheers of the EverNote aficionado's there are quite mumblings and groans from the Linux minority, who want a native client.

    Yes, a web interface with a web clipped is available but it doesn't help when one is offline.

    This is what's going to happen. I know it's going to happen because it's a predictable pattern, and it's happened before many times with other software systems. (Call me Nostradamus)

    1. Evernote will continue to soar in popularity, not surprising - it's a good product after all it will go well past the 10 million mark by 2012

    2. Realizing that there will *never* be a linux client, a lone hacker will build a modified e-mail client* that creates notes**

    *Evernote, is in fact a modified / hacked e-mail client with added features. It is a great product because at it's foundation it's based on what made the Internet great in the first place - off-line pop email

    ** Each note is much like a draft e-mail note

    3. The obvious place to link this "e-mail client" is into Google Mail where there is 7 Gig's or more space to store these "notes"

    4. The client will probably be written in Java, but in any event, with the linux folks being what they are, the program will be open source and eventually there will be not only linux clients, but windows and OS X clients, with Android versions not far behind.

    Just as EverNote reaches the point of "Global Ubiquity" the free open source client spreads like a virus across the world. It's spread - ironically fueled by the fact that EverNote is so successful. Posts on LifeHacker blog and legions of 20somethings googling for "Free Opensouce EverNote" will adopt the hacked e-mail client and probably be installed on Ubuntu as a standard feature linked up to their "Ubutnu One" pet project.

    This is the inevitable path, what else could possibly happen?

    If I was at the top levels of EverNote Corp. I would kill this weed before it takes root. I would create a linux client par excellence, lest the open source spreads like a virus.

    Anyway, now sit back and watch my predictions unfold, exactly as I said they would.

    Enjoy the show.

    :lol: UPDATE: 2011 http://remus-software.org/ .... I told you this would happen

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