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  1. I just installed Firefox 4 on my MacBook Pro and see that the Web clipper clips to Evernote Web rather than to the desktop client (with optional Web) as in Firefox 3.x. As it happens, I like the fact it clips to the desktop client a lot - what's the deal here? Are we likely to see the functionality return soon? Thanks, Des
  2. I've downloaded and tried Veritrope's beta script. I ran it initially from the AppleScript editor and it popped up a dialog looking for the application providing MailTagsScriptingSupport. I've Googled to find out more about this, but couldn't find anything that actually explained what it is. Is it an add-on of some sort to OS X? If so, is it required for the script? Thanks, Des
  3. I have used Yep [1] to scan multipage documents on my flatbed using the sheet feeder. The only downside to this is that by not doing duplex scanning, my pages get out of order and I have to edit the document in Preview to rearrange them. I'm hoping to get a duplexing scanner in the somewhat near future. Peace. [1] http://www.ironicsoftware.com/yep/index.html Automator includes a "Combine PDF Pages" action. I haven't tried it yet, so am not clear how it would be best set up. Des
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