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  1. Note the original post in this thread. I want to be able to change the line spacing after pasting into Evernote. I paste things in from all over the place (Outlook, PowerPoint, Chrome, etc). Invariably some stuff comes across with the ULTRA annoying wide line spacing and there's just no way to fix it once it's in Evernote that way. I want: 1) A way to tell Evernote "Never apply line spacing larger than X to anything I paste in -- ever". 2) To be able to select a bunch of text and change the line spacing. The Evernote editor is not much of an editor if it allows variable line spacing to be pasted in, but then not be able to change it. Does Onenote have this limitation? I've never tried it. Thanks, --Myles
  2. Slightly better. But, now it puts a blank line between each line. So I have to delete all the blank lines (one per line) to pull everything tight. Not something I want to do with regularity, or worse, with large pastes. What I really want to do is change the line spacing. I've been waiting patiently on 4.x hoping for a fix for this (I had read somewhere that 4.x was going to fix it). So I'm pretty bummed that this problem still persists. I see that a lot of "the internet" is complaining about it.
  3. After copying some text from GMail to Evernote, the text has large (wasted) space between lines. How do I edit the line spacing after the paste. Please, no work-arounds like passing through NotePad or paste as text-only. I want to be able to modify the linespacing in the Evernote editor. Thanks, --Myles
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