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  1. I like the new Rich Text Editing, it's a great addition. However, I see no way to indent or place spaces before a checkbox. Even with the trackpad I couldn't move the cursor to the left of checkboxes I had created. Am I missing something? Or has this ability not been added yet?
  2. I use CamCard, which is made by the same people behind Camscanner, but designed specifically for business cards. It captures both the front and back sides of biz cards. When you share to EN though, it only sends the data it pulled off the cards. But the images are there for you to attach from within the EN app. There are many other great features as well, but to go farther would derail this reply into an advertisement. :/
  3. The new widget does look much much better. I'm kinda partial to the older map view though. I preferred the stick pins meself.
  4. I have a ton of notes without any geolocation, and as a result I have a ton of notes that show up on the equator on the map (basically location 0.0.0/0.0.0). It would be nice if there were an option to not pin those notes on the map if they don't have a location, or perhaps even a default location to pin those notes without a location (like your home or any other location you choose).
  5. I don't mind when free apps ask me to rate the app on the market. However I'm running the alpha/beta/test versions which aren't available via the android market. The only way to rate the app is if you have installed from the market. As I mentioned, I'd be happy to rate the app but I can't, so can you remove the rate app pop-up from the alpha/test versions?
  6. Probably rebooting the device after moving the app back to phone should do the trick.
  7. When you check/uncheck a box in a ToDo list, all indentations are lost and all the check boxes are pushed to the left margin.
  8. Yep, if you move an app to the SD card you'll lose the widget. It's intentional by design, but off the top of my head I can't recall the security reason Google stated on the matter.
  9. Can anybody confirm this? This doesn't seem to be working for me. I've verified the version number is 2.5b3, but unless I'm overlooking something really obvious, I can't check/uncheck the boxes. It's definitely working here, and the changed checkbox status is syncing to my desktop correctly. As I play with it more, though, I've noticed that changing the checkbox status sometimes does weird things to the line spacing on the Android version ... some sort of HTML weirdness, I suppose? I found the problem. The ToDo lists I had previously viewed on my Android device would not allow me to change the state of checkboxes; However new notes or notes I hadn't previously opened on my device work fine.
  10. Can anybody confirm this? This doesn't seem to be working for me. I've verified the version number is 2.5b3, but unless I'm overlooking something really obvious, I can't check/uncheck the boxes.
  11. I'd venture to guess that the note isn't formatted to Rich Text unless you make font changes, add checkboxes etc. If it's just straight text using the default font/size, then it doesn't require rich text formatting.
  12. It would be nice if EN for Android had the option to use Quick Office or Docs2Go for editing rich text notes. (or any other rich text editors that may be out there)
  13. While I will not for a moment support the OP's attitude in the thread... I have to say... this statement is 100% false. Two other Cloud based note services offer this for free, and as well does a very reputable job of it. Evernote carries the advantage of being one of the first to be successful in the area of cloud based note taking, and therefore has a lot of support... however; SpringPad and Catchnotes (formerly Snaptic) provide this specific service in a very reputable manner. More accurately what you should say is... Under Evernote's current design, it is not currently feasible. Evernote really needs to re-tool the concept, as SpringPad is rapidly up-and-coming and ready to overcome. As it stands now... SpringPad is offering much of what the consumer-base is asking for feature-wise. Their only disadvantage is the UI (which is rapidly improving).
  14. Is there an EN2.0 Beta 4 changelog available? Just curious what may need to be looked at if anything.
  15. It might be worth noting that I created my indentations with the Tab key, and not spaces. I thought that might be relevant as EN4 seems to have issues with using the Tab key to indent (the issue I'm having here my notes were created using EN3.5 though and I didn't use EN4 during the test process).
  16. I'm using the 3.5 desktop client, Mozilla Firefox, and the HTC Incredible. I just tried a 2nd test ToDo list and sent it to my device. This second test had some similar and different results. Initially, the second test seemed to work fine, however I noticed that one of the check-boxes (the first indented check-box) was indented a few pixels farther to the right than the rest of the indented check-boxes. On the desktop client they all lined up perfectly, as well in Firefox. So I deleted the note, sync'd the desktop and the android device to clear the note. Then reconstructed the todo list. This time it resulted in the same extra characters as the initial todo list which I posted above.
  17. When adding voice notes, the built in recorder is nice. However it would be nice if there were a popup box with larger controls accommodating single-hand operation. The icons are pretty tiny and cramped up at the top of the screen. As well, it would be nice to add Start/Pause/Stop operation instead of just automatically starting, and instantly saving when hitting stop.
  18. I created a test Todo list and sync'd it to my mobile device. Since installing Beta 3 I noticed an issue displaying the ToDo list on the mobile device. Here's the original as viewed via Evernote Web... And here's how it looks on my Android device with Beta 3... Note the extra characters at the end of the mobile note (the "e>" characters). The extra characters don't show on the web version or the desktop version of the note. It's not a text-wrap issue as it still happens in Landscape mode. I don't recall seeing it in Beta 2.
  19. I just installed over the old beta 2, and then when looking at the version under settings it still says beta 2. However, I noticed the changes listed in the beta 3 thread are in effect. I think they just forgot to change the beta number to reflect it.
  20. While adding a tag to a note (in this case the note was previously created on my device), the tagging option doesn't stick if you just choose to tag the note. To make it stick, I have to first choose to edit the note, add the tag(s) then save the note. However... when done this way, a completely new (duplicate) note is saved. The duplicate note now having the tags applied. I'd like to be able to simply add/edit tags to existing notes.
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