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  1. Where are you finding these delightful options?! Could the problem be that I'm on a Mac, or that I have free service (until I'm certain my files can be backed up)? I didn't see any of those options in any of my menus on EN Desktop for Mac or on the EN Website with a free account. ------ UPDATE: After reading the directions at the bottom of this article, I now see what you're talking about re: Finder, etc. http://news.cnet.com/8301-27076_3-20013093-248.html I think it still puts me at square one that the only way to back up an Evernote account is via exporting an .enex file (which is an Evernote file, so the contents couldn't be viewable later via any other means). Are there any other non-enex file methods of back up? If not, EN may not be for me, since I must have the ability to back up my files. I've been burned too many times before (Kodak website, PCs, and Western Digital, I'm looking at you).
  2. I downloaded the desktop client for Mac, but there's no Tools option. I found something that seemed hopeful: Files > Export, but then a pop-up says it will export files as an Evernote file which means files won't be readable unless they're imported back into Evernote (which defeats the purpose of a backup). Evernote doesn't seem to have a phone number for help (if I pay, will I have access to a human? - it would be worth the $50 lol). I'm trying to love Evernote, but they're not making it easy so far. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Sorry in advance for the dumb question, but where do I find "Tools"? I don't see Tools on Evenote when I'm logged in, my browser (FF), or on my Mac.
  4. How can I back up Evernote files? I have a paper-free home, so I have a LOT of digital files. Before I upload my entire digital life to Evernote, what are some Evernote backup options? I'd like to use Evernote as my day-to-day computing option (vs. my desktop), but want a way to periodically back up all Evernote files. After having lost all my files on my (old) computer AND all my files on a portable hard drive in the same day (what are the odds?), I've learned to not put all my eggs in one, or even two, baskets. I can foresee someone saying to backup all files before uploading them to Evernote, but that defeats the purpose of the on-the-go functionality of Evernote. So... What Evernote file backup options are available (to Mac, portable hard drive, online storage site, anything)? Thank you in advance.
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