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  1. Thank you for all your help. A friend is asking me if they should do Evernote also. I really like it so recommended it. She asked if it would take up a lot of space on her ipad. She only wants to do it if it won't bogdown her ipad. Again, thank you.
  2. Thanks to your help I'm getting closer. Shouldn't there be bigger files here?
  3. I'm going to try to attach photos of what I'm doing. Both from desktop and from the Evernote site.
  4. Thank you for your reply. I'm computer illiterate and don't know where you are accessing the "Help". If I'm just on the desktop screen and go to Help there is no Troubleshooting. Am I supposed to hold down the Option key? Could you tell me how to access the Help?
  5. I just started using Evernote to keep an inventory of my stamping supplies. I've input quite a bit of information using my Mac and it is syncing with my iPhone and iPad. Where is all this data being saved? I used my browser to go to the Evernote site and entered info there. So is the info stored through Evernote and I shouldn't ever worry about a crash?
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