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  1. Gazumped Uninstall Evernote and issue doesn't occur in Outlook. However I should add that under my 365 license I have Outlook installed on another machine and it never has the issue. So unique to this install. What I'd really like is to figure out how to get Evernote to NOT install their addins at all. Seem to come along with evry install. Is that possible? THanks Carter
  2. On one installation of Office 365, Outlook replies and forwards disappear a) from sent copy and 2) recipient's version. Outlook adds the reverse formatting "P" which is involved. Unclick the P and it works, until the PC is rebooted, and they are back. When I check add ins there is a file disconnected called EvernoteOLRD.Connect (Evernoteolshim64.dll) If I enable it it disappears. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote and the addins continue to reappear. Our IT supplier can't solve it. Evernote tech support can't solve it. Anyone know what the secret is?
  3. The Evernote Outlook clipper continues loading slowly so Outlook 2016/365 disables it. When will you address this?
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