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  1. It would be very helpful if I could set a hot key to toggle the visibility of Evernote's window. This functionality is already available in some other note-taking apps like Quiver or InkDrop. Also, some other non-note-taking apps too, like Airail or Dash. Quiver ("Bring Quiver to Front") InkDrop ("application:toggle-main-window") Dash ("Show Dash") AirMail ("Show App") If Evernote uses Swift as its programming language, the code for this feature would be like this: if NSRunningApplication.current.isActive { NSRunningApplication.current.hide() } else { NSRunningApplication.current.activate( options: [.activateAllWindows, .activateIgnoringOtherApps]) } By the way, I found a guy who suggested the same feature in 2011 as follows:
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