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  1. I'd like to second the call for real MarkDown support. FYI, the email that I received about the beta said: ====== Brace yourselves! We’ve just released a bunch of exciting new features with Evernote for Mac 6.2 Beta 1. In this release, you can expect to test: basic markdown new toolbarwindow resizingWork Chat updates and moreCheck out these new features and download the beta here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88677-evernote-for-mac-62-beta-1-released/======So, even in the email it is being called markdown. The blog post also calls it "basic markdown". So, unfortunately the expectation has been set in a number of places that what is coming is markdown support. Basic markdown, to me, means markdown without the Github extensions. It sounds like others were expecting that as well. I really appreciate the effort being put in. I think its going to be tough walking back expectations on markdown support now given how the new editor was announced.
  2. Dave, Thanks for the work around. It doesn't usually cause me any problems (though occasionally I do want to clip a portion of a web page in which case I use Skitch and then drag and drop into Evernote). More so I just wanted to file the bug report so you guys could consider it for the next Mac release. Thanks again! Glenn
  3. Dennis, Take a look at http://veritrope.com/tips/scriptember-u ... t-edition/. There is an applescript example doing this. Thanks, Glenn
  4. Hi, There is some strange interaction when I try to clip on my Mac and I have my Chrome browser (with the awesome Evernote plugin installed!) up. When the cross hairs get to the tabs on Chrome they can't be moved any further. So, if I want to clip a portion of a page I can't. I haven't tried this yet on Windows and Chrome, but on the Mac it happens on both my laptop and my desktop systems. Has anyone else seen this? Thanks.
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