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  1. I got to say this is just ridiculous, not serving either of us the sub notebook people nor the nested tag people with both unusable across platforms!

    Isn't organization supposed to be the most important thing here and not just dump notes in one notebook and choose tags from a list of millions of tags, that is the most non-standard and frustrating way of working for me.

    All the other features of Evernote are great but the organization of notes is just horrible.

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  2. Yes, putting all notes in one notebook and doing finer organization by tags is the "Evernote workflow" (unlike other app workflows like Apple Notes) but not being able to do anything with how these tags are displayed and work in the notebook context on iOS is a real pain and keeps me checking back regularly to see if Evernote has improved but since its inception this is an unexplored area on iOS.

  3. Old hat of ever repeating request, but what can you do if your brain just works like that, thinks like that and you want to transport that into your "external brain"? I think we should let the user decide wether they want to organize their few or bizilions of notes in subfolder (or substacks, whatever you call them) or use tags, and not forcing them to use one system over another!


    I think Evernote by now is big, popular enough to meet different people's needs and to me Evernote is almost unusable with the current method of work-arounds to organize my notes.


    Moreover tags would even become more powerful in conjunction with Subfolders, hint hint...

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