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  1. God damnit, you do know that old school paper notebooks have flaws? We're in a digital age where we can have whatever functions we want, or do we still need to create notes on stones? That argument makes no sense and its persistent defense even less.
  2. What the heck? You don't have to use sub-notebooks if you don't want, people here are just too attached just because they get a batch saying "Guru".
  3. I got to say this is just ridiculous, not serving either of us the sub notebook people nor the nested tag people with both unusable across platforms! Isn't organization supposed to be the most important thing here and not just dump notes in one notebook and choose tags from a list of millions of tags, that is the most non-standard and frustrating way of working for me. All the other features of Evernote are great but the organization of notes is just horrible.
  4. Only thing being that the web version is blocked/unsupported on iOS! Refers to downloading the app...
  5. still nothing, using tags properly on iOS seems such a low priority, it's a crippled, non-consistent experience that's completely useless and only works properly on the desktop version.
  6. I would love to see improved layout options on iPad Pro and not having just the sidebar as a floating panel. Also the way tags are organized and displayed and the ability to view tags used within a notebook like on desktop would be absolutely great.
  7. Yes, putting all notes in one notebook and doing finer organization by tags is the "Evernote workflow" (unlike other app workflows like Apple Notes) but not being able to do anything with how these tags are displayed and work in the notebook context on iOS is a real pain and keeps me checking back regularly to see if Evernote has improved but since its inception this is an unexplored area on iOS.
  8. Totally agree, it's a painfully asynchronous experience. We're supposed to use tags for everything but a proper use of them across platforms is not made possible. Also it's not that fun to work with tags and notebooks in general on mobile and I would love to see improvements there.
  9. But why force us to use one system over another? Wouldn't it be better to let the user decide what structuring system he/she wants to use and have just both options available, I mean it's not really hard to program and would meet a lot of people's top priority wish list, since everything else is beautiflly crafted and no other app could come close to Evernote in terms of everything else but the structuring dogma. Why this absolute dogmatic "NO SUBFOLDERS!!!!!! FOR HEAVENS SAKE, NOOOOOO!" are you all mad or have a special hate against subfolders? I hope not and we can really have both options and make the best use of both methodologies and not force the user one system that just isn't compatible with the way their specific brains works
  10. Old hat of ever repeating request, but what can you do if your brain just works like that, thinks like that and you want to transport that into your "external brain"? I think we should let the user decide wether they want to organize their few or bizilions of notes in subfolder (or substacks, whatever you call them) or use tags, and not forcing them to use one system over another! I think Evernote by now is big, popular enough to meet different people's needs and to me Evernote is almost unusable with the current method of work-arounds to organize my notes. Moreover tags would even become more powerful in conjunction with Subfolders, hint hint...
  11. I really don't think it's a technical issue, you can program "anything" from the simplest app to the most complex app using objective-c, it probably is more of a priority issue, usability/consistency/workflow vs. products/brands/sales
  12. It's not that it goes away from the main screen, it just get's a tick smaller.
  13. The handy feature of nesting tags is useless if we don't see the tags nested when we click on the little tag icon in the desktop version (which just shows you a list of tags organized alphabetically). - Show them nested there as well! - Show tags that are nested on the mobile versions (iOS) as well! We're supposed to use tags but when we organize them the organization is all lost when actually using the notes (on the desktop within a notebook as well as on mobile)! Really looking forward to more attention on the organizational part of our external brains and not just on products and markets and brands.... Keep up the good work!
  14. Another idea would be to double tap on the "notebooks" or "tags", "atlas" section to toggle the hide/unhide!
  15. Cool thanks! Yes of course, but the only issue with that is that it doesn't give me the hierarchy in case there are tags that belong to a hierarchy I defined in the tags section. So it could work just like now, but if it finds tags in some note for which the user has set a hierarchy, then it should also display that hierarchy, cause in a way that's what you would expect, alphabetic order is good, but that would be even better!!
  16. This is a suggestion on how to make the sidebar where ALL the notebooks and tags are sitting a little less scroll-centric! Why not have a two column sidebar, where on one you could have all your notebooks and on the second the list of all the tags and their hierarchie, that way you could easy browse both without scrolling up and down all the time through thousands of tags and then up again to get to a notebook? Of course that could be optional in the preferences, but I think definitely usable! Sorry for the misspelling on the title!
  17. You can do this by using "SoundPaper" on the iPad! And then send to EN by Email.
  18. But there are apps that already allow files to "open in..." where you can choose from a list of apps that support this file format. But if it will be available on iOS 4 for iPad then that would be very handy to do quick pdf annotations or edit pages docs etc...
  19. Yes this is a way to do it, but if we could just sort by tags, we could see all tags as categories (like you see months as categories when you sort by date) and the notes with a specific tag within this category! To continue with the example: You are in the notebook "camera" and you hit "sort by tag" you would then see the tags as categories like "lenses" or "bodies" etc. without searching for a specific tag (sometimes you forget what tag you applied to a note) and the notes that have that tag would be inside that section!
  20. That's what I find a bit annoying about evernote! We are only able to use one level of organization (in notebooks) the other implied level is that of tags but when you are within a notebook you don't see the tags that are used only in this notebook! Thus you have to switch to the tags section and guess which tags could have been used within the current notebook! But if there would be a way to "sort by tags" within a notebook (like you sort by name or date) then suddenly you have the notes in a grouped view! You see the notes within a notebook that have the same tag, thus allowing a true second level of organization within notebooks!
  21. Yup, why isn't there the ability to create subfolders, or at least a way to organize the notes by categories within a notebook. For example I have a notebook for my camera rigs, now I need subfolders for the things like lenses, bodies, extras etc. There is no way to do this kind of thing without creating a seperate notebook for every little grouping? At least there should be a way to "sort by tags" this way one could give to certain notes the tag "lenses" and then sort by tags and see all notes that belong to the section "lenses"! What do you think of this workflow?
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