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  1. Holy cow! No kidding, a hidden help menu! And you the man @CalS, that did it! I disabled the HTTP Request Batching, closed Evernote (it ran a sync that didn't fail), reopened, re-enabled HTTP Request Batching and finally attempted a re-sync. And it worked! I guess the "Excessive batch response size" error might have been a clue, though I never would have guessed there was a hidden help menu. Many thanks!
  2. @CalS Thanks for your response! Yeah, my limit is 200MB per note and I'm far far away from the monthly limit on my premium account. So, I tried changing the tags on all the notes that haven't sync'd. Nada (though this was a great idea for finding the unsync'd files and easily seeing if their status changed!). I tried exporting one note and re-imported it, no dice. I tried moving the un-sync'd notes to a local notebook and sync'd, no luck. I tried exporting all of them and re-imported all to a local notebook and sync'd, same. So far as I can tell no changes. I'm guessing at this point the problem doesn't have anything to do with these specific notes. So I guess I'm off to support unless there's some other suggestions out there. Thanks in advance all.
  3. For maybe a week I've had problems with sync on Evernote Windows. Currently have about 12 notes that don't sync (have dot in the sync column) and an exclamation point on the sync logo in the menu bar. And so far I can't seem to find any information on what exactly the error is that's indicated by that. I'll paste the last few lines of the activity log below. I see something about excessive batch response size. I have Evernote Premium but maybe I've hit the 10GB limit for the month? Or is this maybe an individual file size limit? I do have some 10-20MB notes that are failing to sync. But also some <1MB notes... The note referenced in the 3rd line is one that I had recently moved to a new notebook along with a bunch of other old notes. Feels like this all started around the time I was moving those notes to the new notebook... 17:31:54 [INFO ] [2052] [10536] 90% * note={dab3b917-ef8a-47e7-831b-48d788480fa3} 17:31:54 [INFO ] [2052] [10536] 90% * resource recognition data, size=290 17:31:54 [INFO ] [2052] [10536] 94% Retrieving note "Monrovia Canyon Park trail & picnic g..." 17:31:54 [INFO ] [2052] [10536] 94% * guid={4eefb699-3b44-4169-baec-e0983ad60bb8} 17:31:54 [INFO ] [2052] [10536] 97% Retrieving note "2014_12_28_21_34_34" 17:31:54 [INFO ] [2052] [10536] 97% * guid={2c331ee9-d024-4484-9b0f-7c6bf2f949d3} 17:32:02 [INFO ] [2052] [10536] 100% Submitting a batch of 114 note calls, size=342 KB 17:32:07 [ERROR ] [2052] [10536] 100% TException: EDAM processing error: Excessive batch response size 17:32:07 [INFO ] [2052] [19064] Client synchronization finished, status: failed 17:32:07 [INFO ] [2052] [19064] * elapsed time: 12s
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