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  1. Will it be possible to get random notes with your app even without specifying a tag?
  2. I'm all in support for random tools, vkjrsp. I am mainly on mac though. I have been using Awesomebot's Meta Game but I had a question. Is there any way for AppleScript to access "All Notes"? This is the line of code I'm working with: set theNotebook to text returned of (display dialog "Notebook Name:" default answer "______________") Is there any variable that would access All Notes as if it was a notebook? Is there another way to do this?
  3. I actually used CMD+CTRL+N for years using the new note pop-up window in Evernote. I like to work in Think which declutters the screen and then keep using CMD+CTRL+N to make new notes and working in that way. I don't mind the new note capture at the top being added but I wish the old functionality wouldn't be taken away. Is there any way to have shortcuts for both functions, for people that prefer to work with a pop-up that you can center and move on the screen?
  4. Another thing I noticed is that typing seemed to be a lot slower and less responsive, did anyone else notice this? Maybe it is because the text is updating live in both the "card thumbnail" and the larger window to the right at the same time. When I type there is a slight delay/lag time. I think cards could be a useful thing, but don't remove the thumbnail view. Being able to look through my images and scale them up was very useful to me. I could see how text notes may be more manageable with note cards possibly. Scrivener is the master class for a notecard app.
  5. One of my primary uses for Evernote is clippings of visual inspirations. This card view seems to really minimize any clippings of pictures. What is the long-term vision? Something that competes with Pinterest or Scrivener? Also I am still on 10.6.8 and my notecards do not even display pictures!
  6. Thanks for writing back engberg, any hope of having hierarchal and collapsible outlining within notes?
  7. I didn't even know you could nest tags. That is very useful. You should of course be able to nest Notebooks as well. I don't care if it is called a "folder" or anything else. I just need to be able to collapse items, otherwise you are punished for using too many notebooks. Having keyboard shortcuts or options like "promote" "demote" "collapse all" "expand all" would be very useful as well. Thanks for your help.
  8. To me the hierarchal and collapsible outlining feature within notes is more important. Yes it is true that maybe it isn't so useful to have lots of notebooks, and that the way tags are used is misleading. In The Hit List, there are are two views: one is a hierarchal view of notes that you can put within folders, and then there is a hierarchal view of tags. There is also the ability to create iTunes-like "Smart Searches". Not sure what the best solution is, I just know that I would like to nest and organize to my heart's content. The list of tags (and notebooks if you choose to file information that way) as an endless list in the left column isn't a very useful way to search what you are looking for. I am confused about using tags as "folders". Saved searches I have not experimented with.
  9. Hi, I wanted to suggest a few features that I am sure would be useful to the Evernote Nation. 1. Is to have a hierarchical and collapsible outlining feature. 2. As more and more users accumulate more and more notes, I think that we need more ways to sort through the madness. One way would be to enable Folders for Notebooks and "Tag Bundles" or "Tag Folders" for tags. The only place I have seen that utilizes this concept is the program "The Hit List": http://www.potionfactory.com/thehitlist/ I have nearly 4000 notes and about 150 tags. Having these two key features would be immensely useful. Thanks for a great product! PS Having keyboard shortcuts or options like "promote" "demote" "collapse all" "expand all" would be very useful as well. This would be great in the collapsible outlining feature and also anywhere else hierarchical trees are used (tags and perhaps one day notebooks)
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