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  1. Thanks Engberg for sharing the articles (and others for the comments and feedback). The articles are indeed very interesting (and very detailed). I realize that there's always 'a risk' of the worst case scenario (e.g. here in NL we're almost all below sea level), but indeed compared to the XMarks business model i realize the Evernote model is different and has mitigated the risk of a service suddenly shutting down. Thanks again. -Michel
  2. I got triggered by the recent announcement from "XMarks" (a bookmark syncing service) which will stop their services in January 2011. All of a sudden it makes me realize how much i depend on web services (some free, some paid like Evernote). Though I think paid services are more reliable, I'm still a little (really just a little) concerned what would happen if Evernote decided to stop service. Would their user base be involved in such decision - well, perhaps not the decision making process, but perhaps a request to increase the fees for evernote (something which never happened with XMarks).Just a thought...
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