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  1. For me, this makes a really great program USELESS I have stopped using evernote entirely - I am NOT well organized BUT Neither am I frustrated by this stupidity - ANY OS X program should be able to adjust ANY type face. I HAVE PERFECT VISION - BUT THIS PROGRAM SUCKS - EVERNOTE DOES NOT EVEN POST A REASON FOR SMALL TYPE. ​What are people who are visually impaired supposed to do ? Some one should report these a-holes to to the Americans with Disabilities crowd for disciplining. Please make post if ANYTHING changes - this has gone on for WAY too long. ARE THE FOLKS AT EVERNOTE BLIND or DEAF ? (DON'T CARE) D0 THEY EVER READ OR RESPOND TO FORUM ISSUES ? LOOK HOW EASY IT IS TO CHANGE FONT SIZE IN FORUM !
  2. Seconded - This is THE major reason for not using Evernote - squinting hurts (after a while)
  3. IT is now 2014 and it seems that NOTHING has changed ! ​Has anyone found a solution ? Does anyone at Evernote ever read (or reply) to these postings ?
  4. Thanks for:Here's a link to a screenshot: http://imgur.com/08SkS This shows the stumblebums at Evernote exactly how tore"implement" a most valuable feature.I thought that i was "mis-remembering" how to change font size(s) within the application
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