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  1. For me, this makes a really great program USELESS I have stopped using evernote entirely - I am NOT well organized BUT Neither am I frustrated by this stupidity - ANY OS X program should be able to adjust ANY type face. I HAVE PERFECT VISION - BUT THIS PROGRAM SUCKS - EVERNOTE DOES NOT EVEN POST A REASON FOR SMALL TYPE. ​What are people who are visually impaired supposed to do ? Some one should report these a-holes to to the Americans with Disabilities crowd for disciplining. Please make post if ANYTHING changes - this has gone on for WAY too long. ARE THE FOLKS AT EVERNOTE BLIND or DEAF ? (DON'T CARE) D0 THEY EVER READ OR RESPOND TO FORUM ISSUES ? LOOK HOW EASY IT IS TO CHANGE FONT SIZE IN FORUM !
  2. Notebooks cannot be opened/closed. Jeff said "notes". Notes are "opened" by clicking/tapping the thumbnail and bringing up the whole note. Only the header information is downloaded when syncing unless you have a premium account & have specified one or more notebooks as offline (accessible) notebooks. Please search the board on offline notebooks, if you need more information. Here's a suggestion: Just answer the guy's question in your post instead of inviting him to search ? Tell him how to keep a notebook local (right there in your post). Otherwise you are just wasting people's time time. If you know how - jus share your knowledge (in the post) - give it up as quickly as possible
  3. Seconded - This is THE major reason for not using Evernote - squinting hurts (after a while)
  4. IT is now 2014 and it seems that NOTHING has changed ! ​Has anyone found a solution ? Does anyone at Evernote ever read (or reply) to these postings ?
  5. Thanks for:Here's a link to a screenshot: http://imgur.com/08SkS This shows the stumblebums at Evernote exactly how tore"implement" a most valuable feature.I thought that i was "mis-remembering" how to change font size(s) within the application
  6. Transfer Notes to IPad - So That Notes Are On iPad with NO WI-Fi Available When I am at the beach with my iPad with NO Wi-Fi (NO web access - No Internet access): 1.) Some of my notes are available on my IPad 2.) Some of my notes are NOT available (grayed-out) How do I make ALL of my notes available on the iPad when NOT connected to the internet ?
  7. I need to catalog some video clips and the Max single note size of 50MB makes it IMPOSSIBLE to build pages that have the movements of a Hula (dance) in video Everything was going great until I hit this arbitrary limit. This makes Evernote useless to me and the other dancers in Hula class The idea was to make the music and the Master teacher dancing in High Def Quicktime Video available to all students
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