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  1. How do I search all notes for: Messages added to Evernote with Outlook clipper Messages added to Evernote via drag and drop method Messages sent to Evernote email address?It seems like there should be a built in search filter for this type of thing.
  2. Also I tried the searching for Word documents with the syntax you provided and also with the one you provided for Excel files but substituted word for excel (resource:application/vnd.ms-word). These separate searched brought up different results. This is disconcerting--are there multiple ways to search for an attachment and each way provides differing results?
  3. Very helpful. Is there a list of all these various search strings? The ones I found from Evernote were limited and didn't include these you provided above. I get the feeling the list of possible search attributes if Huge.
  4. How do I filter the search results but specific attributes? There used to be a Attribute filter below Tags in the Windows client--where did this go? I want to search for All notes containing Word OR Excel documents.
  5. I often use the List view to see all my open projects at once and then flip through each on quickly. It would be super helpful is we had a 4th view option that, like Mixed View, puts the list in a vertical column with note to the right BUT eliminates the small thumbnails. This would let me see a longe "list" of my current projects (or whatever is in the notebook) without out scrolling as much AND still be able to see more of the note in the right column than current List view.
  6. My user name has a capital letter in it but no matter what I try the Clip To Evernote extension in Chrome won't let me use it. Therefore it won't log me in. Suggestions?
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