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  1. Hello All, Sorry if this has already been posted, I searched a bit but didn't see anything. I would love a full-page screen capture, AKA capture entire page, in the Evernote web clipper for Chrome. Much like how you could capture full page urls in Skitch. Thanks!
  2. Hello Evernote Friends. I really think DayOne's quick note feature could be something useful to Mac Evernote users. It's just a simple way to make, well, simple notes. Enter your quick note in the tab-bar drop down and have it automatically save in your default folder. DayOne also pushes reminders to write in your journal. This could be a nice feature for Evernote too. This is probably a great idea for someone who is a Mac OSx Developer.
  3. This is my thought on a full-screen writing mode. http://wordtrunk.com/2011/09/06/evernote-zen-full-screen-writing-mode
  4. I'm holding my breath....... (bet we've seen it before and the fragrant and spectacular BnF can link you to a number of the threads where it's been discussed before). Go on spoil us Ha, nice. Thanks, sometimes I need to be put in my place.
  5. Yeah, I agree and good point. I just don't think I would upload that much sensitive info in my notebook without knowing how secure it is. Plus, I wonder if you can use a password protected PDF. Haven't tried that but at least it would be one "layer" of protection.
  6. I think I have a great idea for the Evernote platform but I'm afraid that if I post it here, the user aka "BurgerNFries" will either tell this post was "Widely Discuss" already and to please search the forum or come up with some other useless post to help grow their forum post numbers. Is there a way to contact the development team privately or just be stuck in the warming tray with this user? No seriously, I do have an idea I would like to share.
  7. Does that really matter Burger & Fries. So what if I want to reply to a post thread that I took the time to read. Leave me, and my posts alone.
  8. This would be a nice feature. For example, If I wanted to take a photo of a sensitive document ie W2, Credit Card, Bank Statement etc. There's really no "text" to encryption but you wouldn't want just anyone looking at the photo. But the question remains, just how secure is Evernote?
  9. Yes, I understand that as that is exactly what I was trying to say... I know you just have to put your 2 cents into everything. I mean, you are a burger AND fries.....
  10. I probably should let this die but here it goes.... I use Adobe Acrobat a lot for other graphic design/business projects so I don't really want to configure it to just work with Evernote. For ME, this could be a messy process. I'm a true believer that simplicity is always best and while I understand that it's not that difficult to set this us as an add on, I would prefer it to be a core functionality of the Evernote package.
  11. If I can recall correctly, back in the day Macromedia (Now Adobe) had a "Print to Flash Paper" option where you could print any file into a HTML document. Much like the Adobe Acrobat today. While I think Evernote's .pdf capability is great, I would prefer imported documents to not be in pdf but rather the native "HTML" because I could really just use a thumb drive to organize my pdfs and use Adobe's built in cross-pdf search. I understand a feature request such as this could be an issue for cross-platform integration but ultimately, that's part of Evernote's job, if they choose to bring its awesomeness to a higher level.
  12. Yes, I understand this but that requires an extra step that I'm trying to eliminate.
  13. This might be trivial but I'm known for loading up notes and it would be awesome if Evernote would show a random "old" note when the client is first opened. This way, it can remind me of older notes that might require some followup. Just an idea.
  14. Hello, This has probably been suggested but I've searched and don't have the time to read through 6,000 results. It would be awesome if you could simply "Print to Evernote" much like you can "Print to Adobe PDF". Ultimately, there would be an Evernote virtual printer installed and would show up in almost any program that you can print too. I believe Microsoft Word had something like this in Word "Send to OneNote" for note taking so I don't think it's an off the wall request. Keep up the great work. Scott - Premium User
  15. Thanks for posting this. I searched for a topic but didn't look hard enough I guess.
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