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  1. Thank you!!! Initially I thought EN could replace my task management tool. I'm a big fan of MLO (www.mylifeorganized.com) which does have the ability to create subtasks but isn't a notetaking application. I guess I still need to separate the two. Thanks again, I appreciate the response!
  2. Hi I'm using evernote for school and I get a lot of handouts. When I drop a pdf into the note it opens it. Is there a way for it to not do that? If I could just get it to show a thumbnail of the attachment that would be great. Any ideas if this is possible?
  3. Does v3.x have all the cool icons and sorting capabilities that I see in the above tutorial using v2.x ??
  4. Thanks! I'll read more about tags to see if that helps. FYI it was christykny's Youtube clip that made me do a double take on my version of evernote. Likes like she's using version 2 and I'm on version 3 .. there seems to a world of difference! Is it me??
  5. Hi I'm new to evernote and I've been watching some pretty neat online tutorials and most of the ones that appeal to me all have a left menu where I see a hierarchy system. I downloaded the latest versions of EN for both Mac and PC and I can't figure it out. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again! Rose
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