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  1. When I use the Chrome clipper to clip webpages and add tags, the clipper tries to suggest tags. The problem is, it can only suggest tags in Latin letters. My main language is Chinese. It can't suggest Chinese tags. To make things worse, the clipper tries to suggest Latin tags while I'm trying to input Chinese. The suggestion interferes with my Chinese inputting and generates weird outcome. That's very annoying. I'm sure you can fix this because the desktop version of Evernote can suggest Chinese tags perfectly. So, please do it! Thank you!
  2. OK, thank you. But the procedure I said in viewtopic.php?f=30&t=19230#p79716 has NOTHING to do with proxy.
  3. Sorry, I didn't notice the weekend thing. Now, have you been able to reproduce my problem? Thank you.
  4. No response? After trying Evernote 4 for some time, I find that Evernote 4 is even worse in copying pictures! It just fails randomly! I have to switch back to Evernote 3.5. This problem I said in the original post is easily reproducible. Since nobody shows interest in receiving PM, I have to post it here. Please try. 1, go to http://bbs.themex.net/showthread.php?t=16867066 2, enter username and password, as shown in attachment 1 (upper right corner). Press enter to log in. username: Alistair password: 123456 3, the image will appear, as shown in attachment 2. Please try to copy that image to Evernote, and see what happens.
  5. I have tried Evernote 4. Same result. It doesn't have to be proxy. As I have said, it is either or the two situations: 1) when one uses a proxy, and 2) when one needs to log in to see the picture. Can you please try the later? I can provide an example site (in Chinese). If you would like to try, please leave a message. I'll PM you the username and password. Thank you.
  6. That is a very good workaround. Thank you. But I do need the original file at times.
  7. Yes, I can see the picture from IE if I'm using a proxy or have logged in. My primary browser is Chrome. Chrome has a command "copy image". I have also tried dragging the image to Evernote (actually this is how I did it initially). The result is the same. Maybe you can try it yourself? Find a site that allows the user to set photos as private (Facebook maybe, I can't test, because I need to use a proxy to access facebook, which makes me impossible to tell whether the problem is caused by the using of a proxy or the need to logging in.). On the other hand, even if Evernote can't get access to the image, it shouldn't freeze, should it? Maybe it can show a message, when the downloading gets too long, to tell us that it is trying to download the image, and I can press Esc to cancel. Thank you.
  8. Hi. I have a problem: can't copy images from some websites. Steps to reproduce the problem: 1, There should be a website that you can't visit without using a proxy, or that you can't see pictures without logging in first. 2, Set the browser to use the proxy and visit the website, or log in. 3, Copy a picture from the browser and paste it into Evernote. Expected result: The picture appears in Evernote. Real result: Evernote freezes for several seconds. Nothing appears in Evernote. My guess: Evernote tries to download the picture, but it can't access the website, so it keeps trying and freezes. Eventually it gives up. Behaviour of other softwares: Copy the picture into Microsoft OneNote, and it works fine. The question is: isn't the picture already in the clipboard? Why does Evernote need to download it again? Please fix this. Thank you.
  9. As far as I know, Evernote's OCR only works for Latin letters. I take my notes mainly in Chinese, so the OCR feature is useless to me. And I notice that OCR seems to make searching slower. If there is an option to turn off OCR, it'll be great. Thank you.
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