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  1. @Veritrope Hi Justin! Thanks for providing those links. I quickly glanced through them, looks promising, but I need a little more time to grasp it all (only have time for a quick in 'n' out now) Thanks! Then at least we're in this together Let's hope so. Your comments are reassuring. Although fairly new to Evernote, I already like it a great deal. Proper geotagging would be a deal clincher for me! Thanks for putting your effort into developing those Applescripts. Like I said, when I have a little more time shortly, I'll dive straight into them! Thanks once more for your reply and support. Wow, lots of friendly people here! That's really nice Best regards, Peter
  2. @jqp: Could you please post a link to your explanation? I did do an advanced search on all of the Evernote's forums for author jqp, but could not (yet) find this particular piece of information. I did read with interest your discussion on red pushpins and green arrows, and any inconsistencies that are apparently appearing in the various map APIs. Thanks in advance, much appreciated! Best regards, Peter
  3. This thread is really generating some awesome ideas, and I really appreciate all your visionary thoughts :idea: but without wanting to sound condescending I couldn't agree more with quoted remark. So, if I may gentle steer everybody back on my original track about location information in Evernote's notes? To me Evernote is an application that is intended to enable me to make quick notes while on the road, meaning (currently) with my iPhone and (possibly in the near future as well) with my iPad. If I make a note on Evernote with my iPhone, it'll put in the iPhone GPS location of where I am at that moment. Problem is, this may not correlate at all with the content of the note and what's even worse, I'm not able to edit it in the iPhone app! It's only when I'm able to run my Evernote for Mac application that I can edit the location data (which currently have an awkward lat/long format, but that anomaly is already being very thoroughly discussed in this thread). But... this is the Evernote for Mac forum, and maybe I simply should bark up the other tree over in the iPhone/iPad forum. :roll: Kind regards, Peter
  4. @jrcchicago You're absolutely right, but I'll up you one :wink: : It can be a very good thing: If I've just walked out of a fabulous restaurant where I've had a wonderful diner, I only need to snap a picture with Evernote for iPhone for Evernote to create a geo-tagged photo note. Great for when I want to revisit. But now I'm in Los Angeles and my business partner tells me about this great noodle place in Hong Kong where I'll be going on next week's business trip, I want to be able to make that note including the correct location (HK that is, not LA). I also want to be able to enter that location very easily, e.g. by typing the address, or zooming and clicking/tapping a map, not by finding out some awkward lattitude / longtitude notation. :evil: @engberg The functionality may be built into the OS, but the actual map data still needs to get to my phone via data download (WiFi, UMTS, GPRS). Since many users will turn off data roaming in their phones when visiting abroad, due to outrageous data roaming costs, the map will simply not show up in this case without WiFi connection. The industry needs to come to its senses and become much more user friendly and globally oriented. :roll:
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