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  1. How could they remove something like “encryption” ? Or am I the only person who uses encryption? Trying to figure out what users really want or need is fine, but why not start with just porting over the features that are already in place. What I heard him saying is that they prefer to use survey results of hundreds of thousands of users, and just ignore the “passionate” members of the forum. Is that what I heard?
  2. This has always been a pet peeve of mine. Why wouldn't symbols be supported? I mean, if I search for 'A' for example, I will get every note that contains the letter A, which would be all of them. Why can't symbols be treated as characters. It just makes no sense. It would help so much when searching for stock symbols (preceded by $ on Twitter) for instance. If I search for SHOP I get every note that contains the word SHOP instead of notes about Shopify. So a search for $SHOP would be most useful. Again, this just makes no sense. Why would they just say, "OK, we need a fantastic s
  3. Yes, I absolutely agree! I ran across this post looking for a “desktop-like” iOS browser clipper. We need the same clipping efficiency on iOS that we have on the desktop. I suspect the limitation is within iOS (Apple). Evernote should write their own browser (or buy one like Dolphin and optimize it for Evernote).
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