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  1. One note is superior for one main reason: you can organize your notes however you want. In EN, you can organize by date, alphabetically, or but 2 or 3 other ways....and when you organize one notebook a certain way, ALL your notebooks are organized that way. That simply does not work. One note lets me organize each notebook how I want...I can drag and drop if I want. And I can organize one notebook by alphabet, one by date, one by drag and drop...and each notebook in independent. I want badly to like EN, but until they let me organize my notebooks the way I want, and not how they want, it will be an unused program and app.
  2. ah...ok...saw it. You said you would organize things YOUR way......not the way someone else wants you to. If only EN felt the same way
  3. I did. And you dodged it. but that is ok...I know even you got my point....
  4. Sorry...I missed it. Would you organize your home the way you want or the way someone else wanted?
  5. my question was addressed to Burgers. I was just curious as to when someone organizes their home, if they organize it the way someone else wants them to, or the way they want to.....
  6. I do not blame you for avoiding my question. Thank you
  7. ok...why would you not want to organize things the way YOU want to organize them? when you organize things at your home, do you organize them the way some guy down the street wants you to, or the way YOU want to?
  8. onenote is on several platforms. but why wouldn't EN want its users to do the things the way they want instead of the way EN wants them to?
  9. I am guessing that since onenote can do it, it is certainly doable
  10. why is it doubtful? and having to change order each time I use a notebook is not a true workaround...it is a hassle
  11. I want so badly to love and use Evernote. My problem is, for several years I have asked for a feature that just won;t happen. I need to be able to sort my notes in each notebook the way I want. Maybe in one notebook my title, in another by date....maybe in another by dragging and dropping in a random order. I can't do it. If I sort the notes in one notebook by title, then ALL my notebooks are sorted by title. In Onenote, I can sort the way I want...each notebook differently. has anyone figured out a way around this?
  12. If you could read, you would see I never got an answer. I ask why and all I ever get is "we will send to developers". That is not an answer to my question.
  13. before I posted here, I sent my question as to why we could not do this AGAIN. Here is the same response I have been getting forever... Thank you for providing this feedback on Evernote. We really appreciate you taking the time to send us your feedback. Your comments and suggestions will help us to enhance Evernote and serve you better. We will be sure to pass on the information you've provided to the product development team for discussion. Fernando Casanova Evernote Support
  14. lol I love everyone calling me names then telling me that I am the one immature. I paid for premium for several years. And asked the question many times.......and never got an answer....not a real one. So, yes, I paid for the right to be irritated. I am not kissing any hineys like Burger is. So, you wanna be constructive, fine. If all you want to do is act like a 4th grader, then keep on. Now, to answer the adult. What I would like to do is be able to drag and drop my notes in the order that I want them, not the order that EN thinks I need to. I am not sure why it can't be done. And when I have asked EN, I never get an answer. OneNote can do it. So, I know it is possible. If it can't be done in EN, then tell me. Don't answer each time ask with "we will send your request to the developers." They have allegedly been sending it for at least 2 years....probably longer.
  15. Immature? Not hardly. I have asked this question for 2 years now with no real answer other than "we do not offer that right now". If OneNote has figured it out and Evernote has not, then ability DOES seem to be an issue. Your silly, immature conduct bashing me does nothing. But thanks for speaking up with no answer. It is what I have grown to expect from Evernote.
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